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Instagram Long Photo Glitch allows people to post large pictures

If you scroll through your Instagram feed today, you may have to scroll further … and scroll …

There is a new bug that allows users to insert extra long images into their feeds. It’s eye-catching for pretty obvious reasons: it takes a while for them to roll past. Instagram usually limits portrait photos to about the size of your screen.

The error only seems to work on iOS. To make it work, just create or save an extra long image, then open Instagram’s photo picker and select it. The app doesn’t seem to be cutting it right now.

There are a few exceptions. Pictures that are too long do not seem to work or turn completely black. Images can also be cropped and appear very pixelated. This is not a good opportunity to post a full resolution scan of a beautiful banner you have created.

Here is a tutorial that someone created to use the bug:

On Android, Instagram still crops pictures properly so you can’t post them. However, the images will still appear in your feed for a long time, so you can see what others are posting.

This is almost certainly a glitch and not a new function. So don’t expect it to last long. At the moment, influencers and meme accounts are quickly picking it up to draw people’s attention to the app. We asked Instagram for a comment.

What does it actually look like?

Here is an example. I put it at the bottom of this story because you will see why:

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