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International soccer star hates his FIFA 21 rating

Football star Romelu Lukaku, who had an incredible season at Inter Milan, goes on Twitter to discuss how much he hates his FIFA rating.

The international soccer star Romelu Lukaku has a lot to say FIFA 21

Player rating, and none of that is particularly good, when the striker took to Twitter to criticize how the game franchise rates its player pool each year. FIFA 21 is the latest entry into the long-standing franchise, which was particularly dominant in the field of football simulation thanks to license rights. FIFA 21 is only a few weeks away from release, and that generally means it’s time for fans to debate player ratings when they are released to the public.

For those unfamiliar with the process like that FIFA Franchise values ​​its players, it’s actually a fascinating endeavor. EA is outsourcing the process to what is known as The Ratings Collective, which sounds like the most vicious gathering of football critics in the world. Members of this organization rate dozens of different attributes for each individual player before coming together to discuss, rate, and ultimately translate those ratings into the game. The FIFA The series has often been reviled by the pros themselves for its player rating system, which, despite stats that suggest otherwise, often made head-scratching decisions.

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Such is the case with Romelu Lukaku, who went on his Twitter account to voice his complaints with the FIFA 21 Player rating system. Lukaku notes this in his tweet FIFA become “Chaos with the ratings“by players every year so they start complaining on social media about what gives them in turn”more ads“Lukaku’s argument has certainly been well received – even if he complains about it on social media and unfortunately contributes to the problem he identified – and it’s particularly strong for the Inter Milan star. He scored goals in his first season at Inter Milan von der The Shipload and his game on the field certainly seemed to the casual observer to be a significant improvement over his already outstanding game.

Lukaku’s Twitter post also got other stars to get involved and lament their own reviews, but Lukakus is perhaps the best example of how impossible it is to tell FIFA 21 Player evaluation process is real. Due to his strong game this year, Lukaku’s stats have increased FIFA 21with significant improvements in pace, passing, dribbling and defense. Be anyway FIFA 21 The player rating stayed exactly the same.

In the grand scheme of things FIFA 21 Player ratings don’t matter at all. But for so many international soccer stars FIFA is their favorite game series – the soccer simulation that allowed them to achieve their dreams online before they had the chance to do the same in real life. So it makes sense that so many of them – Romelu Lukaku included – take it personally when they are insulted by The Ratings Collective. However, in the end it does exactly what Lukaku himself said and people argue FIFA 21 As a result, more today than yesterday.

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FIFA 21 will be released on October 6, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows PC. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will start later.

Source: Romelu Lukaku / Twitter

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