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Interview with the Game Awards – Geoff Keighley prepares the biggest gala of the games

If games have a gala, it's The Game Awards. The award-winning video game industry will be broadcast live on December 6 in 40 worldwide video networks.

Fans can vote for all awards on Discord servers, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Whether you love it or hate it, it's called the "Oscars of Gaming" and this phrasing goes wrong as games become bigger than movies in terms of blockbuster hits, revenue and viewer size. As Josef Fares said at last year's The Game Awards, "F *** the Oscars!", As you can see below.

The man behind the show, who will be at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, is hosting Geoff Keighley. The only four-year-old show reached more than 1

8 million viewers in 2017. I like them because they bring together game developers, esports champions, digital influencers and Hollywood names for an evening of celebrating games. And it gives us the first look at the big games of the next year.

The nominees will be announced on November 13th. I talked to Keighley about this year's show, which aired from China to Brazil, and will cost millions of dollars in production. I hope it will be a platform to bring us all together.

Here is an edited transcript of our interview.

  Geoff Keighley is the host of The Game Awards.

Top: Geoff Keighley Hosts The Game Awards.

Credit: The Game Awards

GamesBeat: The Game Awards are already very successful. What are you doing this year to make it bigger than last year?

Geoff Keighley: Last year it was a complete success. We were very happy with the results. But it was also very daunting because we grew so much last year. We more than doubled the audience. Doing it year after year will be very difficult. This year, we focused on how we can expand in more places. We are doing a lot in China this year. Stephen Ma of Tencent joined [as an adviser]. We will be live on more than 15 platforms there. More worldwide distribution in China, Taiwan, Brazil. In general, we are increasing our worldwide distribution around the show.

We also find new ways to get fans to vote and become part of the show. We added a fan vote last year to help fans select the winners. That was very successful. We add votes on Alexa. You can vote with your vote. We work with Discord to tune live to discord servers. Other places to see the show and other ways to participate and interact with the show. In addition, with Fortnite and all those other titles that get so much attention, the show gets stronger as the games get stronger.

GamesBeat: Do you see that you do some things that are different from traditional awards shows?

Keighley: Our show is unique. "Awards" is in the name, and at the end of the day we do the show, but the forward-looking content, the new game announcements, are a big part of what drives people to the show. There is always a balance between prices and first looks. This year we probably have our biggest lineup in announcing new games. Most major publishers will report on their future activities.

This is a big event for the industry. I'm really proud that we have so many companies on the same stage and ignore the competition to get a first look at where games are going to be in 2019 and beyond. This is something that many award ceremonies do not do. We think the urgency and excitement driving a crowd of viewers.

GamesBeat: Do we all agree with Josef Fares? *** the Oscars, are not the Oscars?

Keighley: [ Laughing ] Many people asked me what I thought about his cry. What I'm saying is that he did not attack our show. He attacked, as you said, the proposal that we must be confirmed by other forms of entertainment. That's something I keep thinking about, because I love that sometimes we can bring pop culture together in our show. We can visit Guillermo del Toro at our show, which enhances all these media. It shows that film people respect games and game people.

But yes, the idea that our show wants to be the Oscars is a whole different show. The Oscars have their own problems with the establishment of the Academy. You've probably seen the news that they are trying to add a "popular" Oscar category. They announced this and withdrew. They try to figure out how to deal with the audience. We found another model for the Game Awards.

The slogan of "The Oscars for the Game World" is just an abbreviation to explain that this is a ceremony that is important for games. But if you really look, it's different. Our prizes are selected by a jury of media and fans. It's a mixed vote, which is a very unique process. That's what we have proven to be best for this industry by matching players and publications. The Oscars, once you're in the academy, you're a lifetime. We have a rotating group of people or really outlets that have collective opinions. It is a completely different model. After doing these shows for a long time, we found out that this works for games.

Again, the forward-looking aspect of this industry – people like to be marketed. They like to hear where the games are in the future. It's like E3. This is a big marketing event, but gamers love it because they look forward to what's expected in the future. The other thing this year is that the jury is very global. We have more international locations. We have sales outlets in China, Peru, Australia and Japan, all over the world. That's one of the show's big selling points that it's truly global in the industry. That's powerful and exciting for me.

Our show is unique. Your signature is what works for the gaming industry. Many people have tried to understand why this show works and why other awards lose their ratings. It is very different. We are all digital. We are interactive. We have a very different approach to how we distribute the show. It worked for us. We are not trying to defeat the Oscars or anything like that. The movie industry is incredible and it has inspired many people in the games industry. We're creating a show that works for our audience and honors the people who develop and dedicate their lives to these games. That's why we do the show.

GamesBeat: Is Content Creator of the Year – Is This Another Name For What You Had Before Trending Gamer?

Keighley: Yes. We have developed this category somehow. What happened in the past, we had this category, a mix of streamers and personalities and people who have done good in the community. What we've found, especially when using fan voting, is not necessarily fair to having those huge streamers that have a huge audience, along with people who really deserve to be recognized for what they do to become. 19659002] We divided the category in half. We are partnering with Facebook in this program called Global Gaming Citizens. These are people all over the world, in the whole community, doing a great job. They are active in their community. They evangelize playing. They do great things. We will talk more about it as we get closer to the show, but we will honor a number of people in this way. Several people, not just one.

The Content Creator of the Year, working with community creators, advocating the benefits of playing games, and doing great things for the community. Obviously there are a lot of incredible creators on Facebook and Twitch, YouTube and Twitter and all these other platforms who communicate with the gaming audience. It is important to recognize the players in the show.

This is something unique compared to the Oscars. You will not give a prize to the moviegoer of the year. However, we believe that playing is an inherently interactive medium. The player is partly the author of the experience. Having an award that recognizes an individual from the community is important. We continue to develop this category, recognizing people who do good in the community, and then look at the developers that had the biggest impact on the industry this year. We do not know the nominees yet, but we know that many streamers have changed a lot in popular culture this year.

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