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iOS 12 is installed on 83% of all devices in the last four years

Four and a half months after launch, the iOS 12 operating system has been installed on 83 percent of the devices released in the past four years, according to the updated iOS 12 installation statistics on the support page of the App Store for Developers.

Since the inception of iOS 12 Apple has presented its data in two ways, with installation rates for both current devices and older devices.

While 83% of devices have been running iOS 12 for the past four years, 80% of all iOS active devices have the update installed. 1

2 percent of devices continue to use iOS 11, while five percent of devices from the past four years use an earlier version of iOS.

In early January, iOS 12 was installed on 78 percent of the devices, so acceptance rates have risen by five percent in recent weeks.

Apple has released iOS 12.1.3 and iOS 12.1.4 along with the iOS 12.2 beta since early January. IOS 12.1.3 and iOS 12.1.4 are bug fixes, while iOS 12.2, which is also available for public beta, extends Apple News, adds new AirPlay 2 features for TVs, introduces new Animoji features, and more.

People have introduced iOS 12 faster than iOS 11. In April 2018, iOS 11 was still installed on only 76 percent of the devices, perhaps because of the myriad bugs that plagued the iOS 11 operating system.

Although released in September, the focus on iOS 12 will be switched to iOS 13 within a few months. Apple will preview iOS 13 at its Worldwide Developers Conference, and it is believed that the new update includes some promising changes, such as a long-awaited dark mode and important interface updates for the iPad.

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