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iOS 12 Shortcuts: 12 you should use

With the launch of iOS 12, Apple launched a new app called Shortcuts. Well, technically, the app is not new. Links are just a renamed and more powerful version of Workflow.

To add one of the following shortcuts to an iOS device, tap the Add link and then tap Add shortcut. Make sure you see the link in Mobile Safari. Otherwise, problems may occur.

Alternatively, you can view the steps in each shortcut before adding them to your device if you want to check how they work, or if they want to ensure that they actually deliver what they promise.

Below are 1

2 keyboard shortcuts that should be useful for almost everyone.


AutoCorrect is nice, but it does not catch every typo we make. You can copy and release any block of text from another app for that link, changing the text to a version that he thinks is correct.

Add the spell checker to the Shortcuts app.

Amazon Price History

The next time you buy something that you do not need right away, you can use this price list to check the price history of an item. The easiest way to use it is to view the item in the Amazon app (or Safari) and use the Share button to link through links.

Add Amazon pricing to the Shortcuts app.

Do Not Disturb Timer

iOS 12 includes the new Do Not Disturb controls including a new option for setting custom DND times. When you perform the link, you are prompted to select minutes or hours. Then enter how long DND should stay active.

Add the Do Not Disturb option to the Shortcuts app.

Intelligent Power

If you overstrain battery life, this reddit-enabled shortcut uses your current percentage of battery power. Compare it with your predefined settings and adjust the performance of your device to express the last few minutes of power failure of your battery.

Add Intelligent Short to your Shortcuts app.

Installing the Main Applications

One of the biggest tasks of setting up an iPhone is to browse the App Store and install all of your main applications. With this link, also from Reddit, you can enter the name of apps without which you can not live. The link goes through the list and provides links to any app in the App Store for easy download.

Add Install Main Apps to the Shortcuts app.

Converting Video to GIF

Sometimes it's easier to split an animated image or use it for a quote than a video. This link shows you your videos so you can choose one that you want to edit to make it a GIF.

Add "Convert video to GIF" to the Shortcuts app.

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Record a GIF

This shortcut opens the Camera app and is ready to take a set number of photos (four by default). After the last photo has been taken, they are combined into an animated image.

Add a GIF to your Shortcuts app.

Time Machine

A fun and easy way to relive memories is to look at your camera roll. Follow this link to see photos saved in your photo album a year ago. You can customize the link to go further if you want. Be warned, it can be addictive.

Add Time Machine to your shortcuts app.

Download file

Downloading files on iOS is not the easiest one. Use this link to share a shortcut to the file for shortcuts. The app downloads the file and asks where you want to save it.

Add the download file to your Shortcuts app.

Extracting and Saving

ZIP files are difficult to process on iOS devices because there is no clear procedure. The next time you stare at a ZIP file on your iPhone or iPad, you can unpack and save the content with the approval sheet.

Unzip and save your shortcuts app.

Extend URL

Truncated links can be used shamefully to hide the true destination of a URL. If you are suspicious that a bit.ly link (or other shortened link) will lead you to where it should not be, then use this link to view the extended URL.

Expand the URL of your Shortcuts app.

Back Up [sic] Your Links

I found this on the Sharecuts site, and it's certainly useful if anything happens to your links. By default, iCloud links are synced between your iOS devices. However, should something happen in your database, you will be glad that you have backed up your links.

Add a backup of your shortcuts to your shortcut app.

Other links

I found the links listed in this post on various websites and services. Some come from the time when workflow was first started. I did not track where I found some of the shortcuts. So, if you have created one of the above shortcuts, please contact me and I'll give you credit.

That is, I find new shortcuts or at least inspiration for my own shortcuts in the following places:

  • Reddit: The Shortcuts Subreddit is full of passionate users who are constantly creating, optimizing and discussing shortcuts.
  • MacStories: Federico Viticci is arguably the most passionate shortcuts user, and he shares some rather complex creations on his website. In addition, he actually explains how the shortcut works, often line by line.
  • Sharecuts: A free website that hosts curated shortcuts by various users.
  • Gallery: The Shortcuts app has a gallery section that lists various shortcuts. I've listed some of them below.

Originally published on October 1, 2018.
Update dated November 19: Adds more shortcuts.

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