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iOS 13.2 Beta 2 brings new emojis

Apple today released the second beta release of an upcoming iOS 13.2 update. The beta adds new emoji characters that are part of the Unicode 12 emoji version.

Apple released a preview of its new emoji earlier this year. The new options will be introduced as soon as iOS 13.2 is available. Unicode 12 adds 59 new emoji characters, 75 if gender differences are counted, and 230 if gender differences and skin tones are counted.

photo via Emojipedia

Orangutan, sloth, otter, skunk and flamingo are the new animals in the update, while new foods include garlic, onion, waffle, falafel, butter, oyster, beverage box, maté, and ice cubes.

New faces, gestures, and poses include yawning of the face, pinching of the hand, kneeling of the person, standing of the person, and options for holding new people who include both sex and skin tone ,

Several new barrier-free emojis are included. B. ear with hearing aid, deaf person, mechanical arm / leg, person with stick, person in a wheelchair, guide dog, wheelchair (manual and motorized) and stick.

Other types of emojis include the Hindu temple, an auto rickshaw, a parachute, a ringed planet, a diving mask, a yo-yo, a kite, a safety vest, a sari, one-piece swimsuit, briefs, shorts, ballet slippers, a banjo, one Diya lamp and an ax, blood drop, bandage, stethoscope, chair, razor, white heart and circles and squares in different new colors.

For a complete list of emoji included in the update, visit the Emojipedia website. It's still not clear when iOS 13.2 will come out as we're only in the second beta, but it could be released in late October or early November.

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