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iOS 14 widgets offer iPhone users creative ideas for the home screen

In iOS 14, Apple introduced the concept of home screen widgets, which provide information from apps at a glance. Widgets can be pinned to the home screen in different places and in different sizes, which allows for many different layouts.

Despite the relative lack of third-party widgets at launch, iOS users around the world have been busy customizing their home screens and sharing their work with others.

(Aside from using iOS 1

4 widgets, Twitter user Ben Zhu also used shortcuts to change the appearance of the icons in the screenshot above.)

On Twitter, the hashtag # iOS14HomeScreen started the trend this weekend for users to showcase their latest creations. MacRumors followers have also shared their creations on Twitter and this forum thread.

Some major brands have already released widget support, including IMDB, Google, and Pull out. However, Spotify is absent from the early supporting apps TuneTrack in the meantime already offers Spotify widget support “Play Now”.


One of the early widget apps that is very popular is Widgetsmith [Free] This provides the ability to create widgets alongside styling adjustments. Widgetsmith lets you create custom small, medium, or large widgets with the time, date, photos, custom text, upcoming events, reminders, and health and activity. Widgetsmith also offers weather and tide widgets as part of its premium subscription package, which costs $ 1.99 / month or $ 19.99 / year.

The flexibility of the tool has made it popular with screenshots of the iOS 14 home screen that have been spread across the internet. In the extreme case, you will see highly stylized home screens:


Another popular choice we’ve seen is this ColorWidgets [Free] That offers a free time and battery widget with lots of colorful styles. Some premium models are also offered for a one-time purchase of $ 3.99.

Weather widgets

Weather is a popular type of widget for which a number of supporting apps are already available. There are certainly more that we missed, but Apple’s own Dark Sky in particular doesn’t have widget support yet.

Other widgets

Additionally, there are a number of early widgets that we came across, and here is a short list.

Fitness and Nutrition Widgets

  • Fitbod – Training tracking. Free with IAP
  • FoodNoms – Food and calorie tracking. Free with IAP
  • Stripes – Develop daily habits. $ 4.99
  • Zones – Training tracking. Free with IAP
  • Hour blocks – Daily planner that shows you what’s next. $ 3.99

Finance widgets

Travel widgets

We’ll continue to cover notable widgets as soon as they are released. For a deeper dive, please visit our Twitter thread where we asked for widget recommendations and follow the third-party widgets thread on our iOS 14 forum.

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