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iOS developers will soon be able to offer discounts to their existing and lapsed subscribers – TechCrunch

Apple has had to make adjustments to its guidelines, rules, and even its tools for subscription management in recent weeks. It issued stricter guidelines around how to subscribe to subscribing to consumers, and it made the setting for canceling existing subscriptions more accessible.

The company announced on Friday that apps with auto-renewable subscriptions will soon be offering their subscriptions at a discounted price price for a specific period, as a means of increasing and retaining their customer base.

Until the change, developers could only make introductory offers to consumers to sign up for the first time. For example, developers could lure customers with a one-time introductory price, offer a free trial, or offer discounted rate for a specific period of time before the subscription to the full price.

But these offers could only be made to first-time customers.

While the new promotional offers allow for the same sort of discounts as

With introductory offers, developers were offered one subscription per subscription, per territory. With promotional offers, developers can activate up to 1

0 offers per subscription.

And developers are in control of when to offer displays to a customer, in which territories, as well as how many offers a customer can redeem.

In addition, while promotional offers will not be. It means that they are better than others – and no one would be the wiser.

Developers therefore want to be able to make use of the validation tools to find subscribers who turned off auto-renewal, which allows them to target those customers with their new offers before their subscription lapses.

As to end-user looking to save money, these changes mean it may be worth toggling

Developers Were Already Provided with a Better Deal to Resubscribe.

To create the offers, developers have to download the latest Xcode 10.2 beta and want to implement the new StoreKit APIs. They can now test their offers on the latest beta version of iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4, and tvOS 12.2. Apple said the offers will be made available to the public "soon."

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