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iPhone users have locked Fortnite unless they make that change

To update: Epic Games has confirmed that Apple has granted an extension of the “Sign in with Apple” ban. However, the Fortnite developer continues to warn fans to log into their accounts and change the password as soon as possible to avoid getting Fortnite banned in the future. By switching from signing in with Apple authentication to another option like a username password or a Google account, gamers will still be able to access Fortnite on consoles, Mac and PC even after the expansion has ended or the ban has been implemented.

In a tweet about Apple’s change announced a few minutes before the block went into effect, Epic Games stated, “Apple previously announced that it would end support for Epic Games accounts with Apple after September 1

1, 2020.” However, we recommend that you prepare your accounts now for Sign In with Apple removal. “

The original article, posted before the U-turn on instantly signing in with Apple Block, follows below …

Fortnite fans could be banned from their Epic Games account today, preventing them from launching a Fortnite game on consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This is because Apple enabled the ability to access Epic Games accounts through the “Sign in with Apple” system.

If you don’t know, you can use Apple to sign in to an account using your existing Apple ID (this is the username and password you use when sorting iCloud subscriptions and purchasing apps from the App Store). Since Apple just needs to quickly authenticate that you’re using either Face ID or Touch ID, this can be a much faster way to create an account with a third-party app and jump straight into the action instead of logging in using a social account or forms fill in and choose another new password.

Unfortunately for those who chose to use the “Sign in with Apple” button the first time they set up Fortnite on their iPhone or iPad, Apple has started making it available to all iOS apps starting today, September 11th, 2020 from Epic Games. This means that Fortnite players can be left behind without knowing their own password to log in on other devices.

To prevent players from being stranded without access to their account, the Fortnite developer has asked all iPhone owners to immediately go to their settings and change the password associated with their Epic Games account.

Battle Royale developers said, “Apple will no longer allow users to sign in to Epic Games accounts using ‘Sign in with Apple’ beginning September 11, 2020. If you previously used ‘Sign in with Apple’ ‘please update your Epic The e-mail address and password of the game account immediately, so that you can still log in after September 11, 2020. “

Phew, it couldn’t all be bad news for iPhone owners this month

If you’ve missed the deadline, Epic Games says, “If you couldn’t update your email address before the end of support to“ Sign in with Apple ”and“ Sign in with Apple ”no longer appears as a sign-in option, we have this still may be able to restore your account manually.

“Please contact us and include the verification code that was included in the email you received about it (the subject line of the email is:” IMPORTANT! Epic Games account update required for continued access ” The verification code you received should look like this: ABC-123-DEF

The decision to end support for Sign In With Apple is the latest step in an increasingly chaotic dispute between Apple and Epic Games. The latter introduced its own payment option in its globally conquering Fortnite title earlier this summer to avoid the 30 percent cut Apple is taking from all digital purchases through apps sold in the App Store. Epic Games offered players a discount in return for using their own payment system – and helped the game developer bypass the cut Apple normally charged.

The introduction of an alternative payment system to the one provided by Apple, which allows iOS and iPadOS developers, is against the App Store Terms of Service, and Fortnite was quickly removed. Fortnite was also removed from the Google Play Store for the same crime. However, Android users are allowed to download and install applications from the Epic Games official website. Therefore, it is still possible to play the hugely popular title on Android devices. Apple limits all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad models to only running software from the App Store.

According to Apple, this prevents malware and other unwanted software from getting onto the iPhone and iPad. However, it also means developers can’t avoid the 30 percent that is given to Apple with every digital purchase.

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