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Is 512GB enough space for the new Xbox Series S?

It’s Monday and time for Ask Kotaku, the weekly feature in which Kotaku-ites ponders one burning question. Then, We ask for your opinion.

This week we’re asking Kotaku: Is 512GB enough space for Microsoft just announced, Next-gen console Xbox Series S?

It's a metaphor.

It is a metaphor.
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I am very lazy when loading the dishwasher. When I’m done it kind of looks like a Jenga Tower just before it will fall. Super inefficient. Lots of leftovers in the sink. “When the dishwasher finishes, I just take out all of the clean stuff and put it down she inside and let it run again, ”I think to myself. And then I go to sleep and someday it will be morning and now I have to unload the dishwasher and Charge it up but I haven’t even had my coffee so I don’t and before I know the kitchen is a mess and somehow we still run out of clean forks.

The moral of the story is that if I can’t even use the extra brain power to figure out how to clean all of my dishes at once I won’t find the best way Jenga The shit out of 512GB so that I can actually play all the games I want to play when I want to play them. Games are huge now. You need constant updates. So many of them are now on live service that revolves around appointment games: 30 minutes later Missile leaguean hour later Final Fantasy XIV, finish some Fate 2 Bounties, clear an enemy camp in Spirit of Tsushima.

My PS4 is 500GB and I can barely put eight games on it. I have no idea what the next generation will bring, but somehow much smaller games with fewer updates don’t seem to be in the cards, and I’m not ready to spend 15 minutes every night managing uploads and downloads and after that Finding Ethernet cables doesn’t always take forever. Basically, I already do this on my PC, which has lived exclusively on a 256 GB SSD for the past five years. This shit is quick. It hardly fits either Phantasy Star Online 2. I’m not going to push my way for a completely different console.

Good night sweet prince.

Good night sweet prince.
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No, it’s not enough, but yes, it actually is. Let me finish With the way new games are now 80-90 gigabytes apiece, a 512GB hard drive just isn’t enough. But! With cloud storage to keep track of my progress and the ability to download games I bought anytime, it doesn’t matter. The way I – and I imagine most busy Millennials – play games means that even if my hard drive is full (and when I look at my PS4), I won’t play all four or five games at once the thing. So when a new game comes out, I like to delete it to free up space. Speaking of which, I have to get rid of it Kingdom Hearts III.

A phone cannot be bricked if it is already one. [taps temple]

A phone cannot be bricked if it is already one. [taps temple]
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I remember the beginnings of smartphones when an entry-level model was equipped with 8 or 16 GB of storage. That would prove sufficient for basic usage, but after installing apps and adding music, you’d wish you could have justified the unreasonable premium for the 32GB version. In 2020, when games routinely consume tens of gigabytes and sometimes more than a hundred gigabytes, 512GB is the bare minimum a next-generation system with a straight face can offer. And just like these 8- and 16GB phones, Xbox Series S owners will feel the lack of space at 512GB.

The question was, “Is 512 GB enough?” It’s absolutely enough to work. However, it is not enough to save many users a constant struggle to manage memory over the expected life of the console and to incorporate it into a continuous cycle of downloading, deleting, and re-downloading games as the need and mood change. (Or shell out for an upgrade.) What a hassle.

While it’s significantly better, it’s also not that the Xbox Series X’s 1TB or the PlayStation 5’s 825GB are massive. We are in a difficult time when the space requirements of high-end games have outstripped the affordability of solid-state drive storage. I really hope that between these consoles and a long overdue PC that I’m looking to build, SSD prices will fall fast enough to keep up with games for the next several years.


Ari: June 9, 2014: The moment I knew I would buy a new Xbox just for a new one gloriole. ”
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Look: 512 GB in 2020 is a very different proposition than 512 GB in 2013. Video games have of course grown in size over the course of this last generation of consoles. Who should say how big they will get over the next one? Where there was once a robust game library, my Xbox One in the Launch Edition currently has space for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5: Guardianand a rotating handful of smaller games, depending on what Game pass Offers are valid for a specific month. Seven years from now, the Xbox Series S will have room for every version of Halo Infinite it’s our turn and nothing else? It’s everyone’s guess.

The truth said, as long as there is room for Master Chief and friends, that’s good enough for me. I bought the first Xbox for Halo: Combat Evolved. I bought the Xbox 360 for Halo 3. I gave in and took an Xbox One for The Master Chief Collection (even though the game didn’t work until four years later). I will almost certainly be bringing some kind of next-gen Xbox box with me to play with Halo Infinite in all its glory. Hopefully 512 GB is good enough for that.

In one area, Microsoft's Xbox user interface may have a head start on PlayStation 4.

In one area, Microsoft’s Xbox user interface may have a head start on PlayStation 4.
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512 GB is not enough. But! I strangely like managing downloads on my consoles, and I think maximizing the space on my PS4 or Xbox One hard drive helped motivate me to quit a game – or just decide to do it not to quit and let go -. so I can erase it. In this way, a limitation in digital storage can be healthy for those of us who try to play too many games and need to be saved from an endless backlog.

Second caveat: 512GB might not be enough, but if the experience of managing digital storage between Xbox One and PS4 and Switch is a factor, an Xbox Series S might at least provide users with good tools for dealing with the limited storage space. Downloads on PS4 are a debacle of installations, file copying, and a sluggish surface with no useful information. Downloads on Switch are similarly cumbersome to track. However, the Xbox One clearly shows the amount of space on your hard drive in the same part of the dashboard that tells you what games and apps you have. (Until I checked again this morning, it usually also showed your download speeds and progress during an active download in the same place. I hope you didn’t remove that!) Hopefully the Series S / X- Dashboard as user-friendly.

What about you?

Kotakuis weighed, but what do you think of it? Is 512 GB enough for you? Or put off the rather small drive of a digital-only console like the S series? Share with me. We’ll be back next Monday to discuss another nerdy topic. See you in the comments!

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