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Is a GTA 6 announcement just around the corner?

The fans are waiting for a new title from Rockstar. Could this be the announcement we’re waiting for?


A recent response on Twitter from Rockstar Games could lead to a new GTA 6 announcement!

Here we cover everything you need to know about this tweet, as well as the next release in the GTA series.


Twitter support

A recent tweet from Twitter user @forzahorizonguy asked Rockstar if they had any GTA 6 news.

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It took the Rockstar support account a while to respond, but eventually they sent a link to their news feed called Newswire.

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This news page has some interesting GTA information. Find out the latest information here!

Rockstar Newswire

Rockstar’s Newswire website has everything from GTA updates to in-game events.

This is where all GTA 6 news will likely be announced. To keep up with the latest news, go to Newswire.

GTA 5 just received the biggest update in a long time. Could this mean a new title is in production?

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The Summer Special Update added a number of new vehicles, including Benny’s cars and other vehicles.

GTA on next-gen

We already know that GTA 5 is slated for another release in 2021.

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This is for a next generation release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, it means we probably won’t get a new GTA title in the next year (2021).

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There’s no confirmed release date for GTA, but we can expect the new title to be in 2022 or 23.

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