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Is Amazon Introducing a Fitness-Oriented Alternative for Apple AirPods?

According to a report by CNBC, Amazon may be about to post its response to the Apple AirPods.

The report cites "a person who is directly involved in the project" and describes true wireless earphones codenamed "Puget" Doubles as a fitness tracker, with a built-in accelerometer and the ability to perform things like "distance running, Calorie consumption and walking speed "monitor.

According to reports, the new earphones cost less than $ 100 (£ 80 / $ 150), which is well below the Apple AirPods (and much of the real wireless competition).

They also come with built-in Alexa feature that allows access to the on-the-go voice assistant.

  Amazon Echo with Alexa

(Credit: Amazon)

Echoing Better

In addition to real wireless earbuds, the source also announced that Amazon will release a new Amazon Echo speaker – a bulkier one Device with improved sound quality.

The loudspeaker is said to be "the central speaker in Alexa's core" home market, "suggesting it could grab the original Amazon echo – and with" a woofer and a higher-quality speaker "should fix some of the audio issues

When will we see these new? Amazon devices? At the moment, everything is geared for September 25, when Amazon hosts a kick-off event in Seattle.

When Amazon releases the new active earphones on Seattle Launching September 25, this could pose a challenge for Apple – after all, their own true wireless earphones are the current market leader.

We had expected that fitness tracking and biometric sensors would be among the AirPods yet to be released 2, but with no word about a release date, it looks like Amazon is the technology giant In any case, we should find out on September 25th.


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