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Is the comrade X bad? – Droid Life

Our deep deliberation on whether the Samsung Galaxy Fold is bad or not has led us to a series that I'm not sure I signed up for, but here we are. Now that the Huawei Mate X and its Foldable Me is official, we should probably decide whether it's good or bad.

Let's do this extremely serious investigation of the Huawei Mate X. Is it bad? 1

9659003] If you always point your collapsed display to the front and back, you are always concerned about protecting the most important part of a leaflet. It is scary and bad.

No headphone jack is bad.

It is boasted that your foldable phone is 5.4mm thick while ignoring a giant 11mm hump.

Wrinkles are bad.

Doing something similar to the foldable hinge of Flexpai, which was bad, is bad.

This price is bad.

  Mate X Price

This demo where your really, really, really, really, really expensive phone does not work The CEO does not know how to handle it is bad.

Almost everything you can call first is bad.

The Mate X is probably bad.

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