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It sure looks like Jeff Bezos' pro-Trump brother has leaked these sexts

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.
Photo: Cliff Owen (AP)

CNN reported on Wednesday evening that "two persons with knowledge of the matter" had confirmed that Michael Sanchez, the brother of the woman with whom Amazon worked together, was CEO Jeff Bezos had an affair the person who initially denounced the National Enquirer for a secret love story and triggered a firestorm.

In January, the National Enquirer published text messages between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, but not long after Bezos announced his divorce from his wife MacKenzie Bezos. Bezos has accused the tabloid press and its parent company, American Media Inc. (AMI) of blackmailing and extortion, of publishing unpublished, intimate photos of him and Lauren Sanchez, who are believed to have leaked the text, unless he has issued an opinion The Enquirer releases sycophantically for Donald Trump, for some political reasons in the matter.

CNN is the third publication to issue a report that implicates Michael Sanchez in a role regarding the leakage of text messages. Previously, several sources in AMI and another "in-depth communication with executives" in the company had told the Daily Beast that the brother had provided the texts to the Enquirer. On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that investigators working for Bezos had come to a similar conclusion that Michael Sanchez was the source of the news.

The CNN report does not explicitly state that Michael Sanchez was the one who received the lyrics (or as) – but unpublished photos), only he was the one who blamed the National Enquirer for the affair. However, there is sufficient suspicion.

Trump often shouts angry calls at Bezos, which also owns the Washington Post. For the president, "Jeff Bozo" is a shameful intriguer whose article is absolutely bound to the business interests of Bezos. Michael Sanchez is a "Pro Trump Hollywood talent manager" who also knows the provocative Trump supporters Roger Stone and Carter Page. He posts regularly and tweets about "false news" that damages the president's reputation (19659005) (19659005). Stone is currently facing federal allegations of disability, witness manipulation and false statements in Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 election. Page has been drawing considerable interest from members of Congress and the FBI for his alleged ties to Russian intelligence. 19659005] In addition to cumbersome evidence about the type of company that holds Michael Sanchez and his political views, the description of the source of the Enquirers by the AMI lawyer in the AP report was more in the nose:

On Sunday, a lawyer of the Head of the American media, who owns the Enquirer, said the information for the story was provided by a "reliable source" known to Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. The source had provided the company with information for at least seven years. Elkan Abramowitz, lawyer for American Media Inc.'s senior executive David Pecker, told ABC "This Week."

He was asked if Sanchez was the source and he said, "I am not allowed to tell or confirm or deny who the source is."

And from the Daily Beast article claiming that Michael Sanchez was the one who actually provided the lyrics:

The Daily Verified Documents show Bie that Michael Sanchez believed the Enquirer followed his story about Bezos with "President Trump's knowledge and appreciation – a persecution that was encouraged by Sanchez & # 39; s assessment by Republican activists," which Jeff Jeff picks up every morning and plans a WaPo meeting to plan his next one diabolical attack on President Trump. "

On Wednesday, the Daily Beast separately reported that Michael Sanchez had passed embarrassing details about other customers to AMI and his gossiping features.

The first Daily Beast report found that No one they spoke to "suggested that Michael Sanchez somehow hacked his sister's phone," and Q who are familiar with the investigation of Bezos, who have also eliminated the effects of hacking. However, one of the sources familiar with Bezos' investigation told the site that Sanchez was generally considered a Ground Zero.

AMI attorney Abramowitz also said in his Sunday interview: "Any investigator going ahead." Investigate that the source is known.

The opposite is vague as it is. The New York Post, another nefarious tabloid, claimed "sources," said Lauren Sanchez, or showed the pictures to friends – though these sources seemed to speculate.

In a sense, the National Enquirer is said to have tied Trump's past, to buy the rights to embarrassing stories about him, and then not to publish them. The Chairman and CEO of AMI, David Pecker, received immunity from the prosecutors in August 2018 for making the President's knowledge of the Trump's payments, Trump's former lawyer (and the upcoming Jailbird). Michael Cohen confronted women who had relationships with Trump. As the CNN report noted, when Bezos accused the National Enquirer of blackmailing, Trump, or bizarre the Saudi government, implicated in the decision to prosecute and publish his text messages. Nothing that shows this has come to light. And while the National Enquirer and Michael Sanchez seem to have robust sympathies with the president, it is still possible that this was a juicy shot at the talents of the richest man in the world instead of favoring an enemy of the president or in Embarrassing

Per CNN, Michael Sanchez denied the announcement of the lyrics and bizarrely claimed that Bezos' own investigators had cleared him out in a statement that was cited by CNN as the source of the National Enquirer.

"I was told that the Amazon investigation found that I was not involved in the leak of the D * ck images because I never had access to any of the D * ck images," Sanchez told CNN. 19659005] On Wednesday, CNN reported that it refuses to comment on the record.


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