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It took an aerospace engineer to make this little baby Yoda toy fly

As amazingly detailed as action figures have become over the years, there are still some features that toy manufacturers like Hasbro leave out, such as having Baby Yoda’s pod actually fly. It’s so small that you need an aerospace engineer to do it. So it’s good that aerospace engineer Adam Woodworth is an equally big fan The Mandalorian like the rest of us are

Earlier this year, Woodworth created a flying version of the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest ship, but apart from some particular aerodynamics, this was quite a straightforward build. This upgrade was a lot more complicated. Woodworth started off with a Baby Yoda figure from Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series line, but had to turn to Hasbro’s Mission Fleet line to find a toy version of the character’s floating capsule that The Child sleeps in, but also with Keeping up with other characters The show is so tiny given his legs.

Woodworth began creating a foam replica of the pod that he used to test the placement of four motors, a rechargeable battery, and flight control circuitry, all salvaged from a cheap palm-sized flying quadcopter toy. To minimize the appearance of the four supports under the pod, Woodworth positioned them in an overlapping arrangement just millimeters apart and tilted each engine slightly to improve the stability of the vehicle.

After using the Hasbro Mission Fleet toy capsule as a mold, Woodworth created a lighter, plastic polycarbonate replica that could still fly with the small figure and all of the electronics required. One of the biggest challenges of the build was that the cheap components he’d salvaged from a quadcopter toy couldn’t be reprogrammed. Instead, to optimize the flying pod’s flight performance, it had to reposition the engines and test different propeller sizes to achieve the maneuverability it was behind.

As you can see in the video, moving the pod around so that it moves as smoothly and evenly as it did on the TV show is still not an easy task. If the Mandalorian takes his eyes off Woodworth’s baby Yoda for a second, he may lose an arm to those spinning propellers. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Star Wars: The Mandalorian Fan out there who wouldn’t have his credit card ready if Hasbro ever decided to make it a real collectible.

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