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It would cost $ 538,000 to buy everything on Steam

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Can’t believe I’ve never seen or wondered about this before, but it turns out you can scrape data off Steam and find out how much it would cost to purchase the entire service catalog. And it’s … a lot less than you would probably think?

Chenggang Wang has a little page called Buy all Steam gamesand it continuously tracks the platform and finds out what cumulative value the entire shop front has. This means that not only can we get historical data (the total has more than doubled since 2017), but we can also check out the break-ins that would be required in a big sale.

That includes games, of course, but Wang made it clear to me that it would also be about DLC and anything else you can buy there, like soundtracks and digital copies of art books.

I would have thought that $ 538,000 would get me maybe half the DLC Crusader Kings II, not the whole business.

Note that the total number is approximate as the value is constantly in flux when new games are added and individual titles have certain sales or discounts that are not related to larger events like the summer sale.

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