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Jay Inslee’s climate team has a $ 1.5 trillion green coronavirus stimulus plan

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Jay Inslee, the democratic governor of Washington, changed the game by turning the climate crisis into Foundation, endowment from his presidential election last year. Now the people who have written his plans are looking for the presumed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the Congress Democrats to bring this kind of ambition to our current political moment through a massive investment in clean energy as part of a corona virus stimulus package.

On Thursday, former Inslee employees launched Evergreen Action, a couple of stakeholders and political nonprofits that aim to put the climate high on the political agenda. The group’s first proposal, published in collaboration with Data for Progress, concerns a $ 1.2 to 1.5 trillion stimulus package called a clean jump start for America. The package would protect workers affected by the current economic recession and create jobs for the EU millions Americans who lost their jobs in the wake of the pandemic and who naturally deviated from fossil fuels. The proposal is in sharp contrast to the Incentive proposal The house released on Wednesday contains no funds for a clean energy transition (oil and gas managers are meanwhile ready to do one) killing from previous corona virus stimulus packages).

“A stimulus package without clean energy is … a failure to see the centrality of these investments in the current moment of recovery,” Bracken Hendricks, co-founder of Evergreen, who co-authored Inslee’s climate plan, told Earther. “We need to get our economy going and move it in the right direction … away from fossil fuels.”

Add to previous calls for a green recovery from the pandemicThe new proposal includes specific ways in which Congress could promote government and federal investment in renewable energy and environmental justice. It builds on that Evergreen action planthat employees released last month and that looked at Inslee’s climate plans and added new elements.

“While the action plan was a synthesis of all the political work that we have done on the political campaign,” said Hendricks, “this clean jumpstart plan really focuses on the key ideas in this larger climate plan that aim to raise money in known ones . ” Programs quickly to advance recovery. This proposal is very, very specific and feasible. “

The plan provides for eleven ways the federal government could help states, including not only funding renewable energy, but also potential purchases of fossil fuel projects on public land, investment in disaster relief, and weathering aid. water Affordability of utilities and transit programs.

In addition to the proposals for government funding, the Clean Jumpstart Plan provides 21 areas for further investment in federal programs, since “economic stimulus laws should do both”. The memo contains calls for federal Protection for fossil fuel workers, expanded tax incentives for renewable energies, support for the manufacture of electric vehicles and financing of retrofitting for buildings and infrastructure. Much of this investment could be made immediately and is definitely necessary given the widespread job loss and the impact on government budgets as a result of the corona virus.

“For example, the expansion of federal green real estate lending for small businesses … which basically drives money into small business and community capital projects to dramatically improve energy efficiency, green building, and renewable energy,” said Hendricks . “And that is an existing program. We could increase the funds now.”

Other proposals, such as the proposal to build an Americorps-type climate corps, are longer-term projects (and Most wanted).

“[That is] The kind of things we need to do to build an administrative apparatus that we should definitely consider when we prepare for the November elections and prepare for the next administration and congress, ”said Julian Brave NoiseCat, vice president for politics and politics Strategy at Data for Progress and member of the Evergreen Advisory Board, Earther said in an email.

To implement these proposals, the political leaders must of course come on board. And since the currently elected officials on Capitol Hill do not appear to be ready – the democratically run house has not given renewable energy priority in their economic proposals – Evergreen and Data for Progress are demanding Joe Biden, the alleged democratic presidential candidate and the next congress, who picks up the torch.

“This paper is a call to action for leadership,” said Hendricks. “The next president and congress must be ready to develop climate solutions that invest in communities.” This is true not only because climate solutions are a great way to get Americans back to work, but also because they facilitate the rapid transition from fossil fuels needed to avert a climate catastrophe.

The plan provides an important road map for Biden, whose climate plan is far from the new, ambitious proposal. The means that the Clean Jumpstart would provide are more than that of Biden Climate plan would allocate over 10 years.

Although it cannot be obvious Biden’s previous climate plans show that there is an appetite for these large, courageous proposals. Evergreen and Data for Progress published the memo together with a survey This shows that there is tremendous public support for massive investments in clean energy infrastructure that play a role in Covid 19 stimulus packages.

“We cannot miss this opportunity,” said Hendricks.

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