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Joanna Gaines’ fall theme for the magnolia market is unexpected

Fixer Upper returns to TV! Chip & Joanna Gaines Reveal “We Missed Sharing The Stories”

“The day we finished our final episode of Fixer Upper, we really believed it was a closed chapter,” the couple shared

Joanna Gaines gives a behind-the-scenes look at how her Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, celebrates autumn with the unexpectedly eye-catching theme of “rhythm”.

Like this season’s edition of Magnolia Journal Gaines and her team explored the idea of ​​rhythm and how it affects people’s lives. They felt inspired to bring the same vision across the entire Waco, Texas marketplace.

The main display in the market offers a variety of hand-dyed thread colors that will fit in each of the larger displays.

“Weaving fabric tells a story of rhythm and how separate threads come together on the loom to create something beautiful,”

; the press release says.



The visual team individually mixed colors like yellow, brown, pink and deep purple to hand-dye the yarn.

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105 custom dyes were produced within this process. These colors were then passed through a special winding machine to create the 125 cedar cones depicted on the front entry display labeled “Embrace the rhythm of the season”.


“All year long we can all look back and say yes there [have] There has been so much interference with our natural rhythms and daily life, “Gaines shared in a behind-the-scenes video.

“We really wanted to take a step back and just look at what’s most important, what’s important in our lives – the rhythms – that we need to hold onto and what rhythms we need to let go of so we can move forward,” she said.

The hand-dyed yarn was also used to make hand-woven lanterns, according to Gaines’ blog.

The team dyed over 1,000 feet of organic flat yarn, she explained, which was then woven into a unique pattern.



“The colors change from a deep ocher to a rich plum and pink that is meant to be a reminder of the ever-changing colors we see during the fall season,” Gaines wrote of the lanterns.

Gaines said in the video that reopening the market feels like a “new celebration”.

“I feel like the place is coming back to life. It’s nice to see it all come together,” she said.

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Owned by both Chip and Joanna Gaines, the Texas destination reopened this summer with extra precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Magnolia / Instagram; Inset: Rob Kim / Getty

“We are ready to welcome you again from June 1st,” said the Fixer on top Alums said in an email newsletter to fans. “During your absence, our team has prepared to make your return as safe and comfortable as possible.”

Their message, titled “Back Together – In New Ways” highlighted the important changes they are making in the various shops, restaurants and more that make up the popular tourist destination.

Currently, all Magnolia employees are required to wear masks and gloves during their shift, and the market has limited capacity in each building to encourage social distancing.

Magnolia also ensures continuous cleaning, including a thorough nightly clean, one-way menus, floor markings to promote distancing, one-way flow through buildings when possible, and reduced seating.

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