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Johnny Cash's powerful voice narrates his life on YouTube's "The Gift"

Nevertheless, there is a lot to enjoy, both for fans and for unknowns. In particular, Rick Rubin's account is one of my favorite parts in both The Gift and Cash's decade-long career. The singer had basically been dropped by the music industry, and Rubin stepped in to compose an album from Cash's library of hundreds of songs he had not yet recorded.

"It's his ability to inhabit these songs," recalls Rubin. "It is real."

The couple recorded the tracks in Rubin's living room with only cash, two microphones and a guitar. The result was American Recordings the artist's best album. It will always be fascinating to hear both Cash and Ruby talking about the process ̵

1; no matter how many times I look at it. It's still amazing that the same guy who produced Beastie Boys and Slayer was able to channel cash to create some of the best works of his life, especially in his later years.

Despite its shortcomings is a unique interpretation of the life of a music icon. By allowing Johnny and June Carter Cash to tell their own stories, this documentary sometimes struggles harder than third party retellings ever could. It gives you a real insight into the distress, grief and rejoicing that Cash and his family encountered in their lives. And just like his songs, these stories have the emotional weight that only the man in black can evoke.

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash debuts on Monday, November 11, for free on YouTube at 12 pm ET. YouTube Premium subscribers will have access to bonus material, including discussions about the creation of Walk The Line, prison shows, and more.

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