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Landmark Lawsuit Wants to Label Alerts for Fossil Fuels

Lawyers from the environmental charity ClientEarth filed a groundbreaking complaint against BP for greenwashing in their ads. They also call for a ban on all fossil fuel ads, unless they include a "tobacco-like health warning" about the dangers industry poses to the planet.

And they are not asking for vague warnings about how oil and gas might be related to global warming – they want the labels to quote the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the dangers of industry reports.

"This would ensure that the public is not misled, and fossil fuel companies are responsible for the damage they cause," ClientEarth said in a statement complaint to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on Wednesday. The 1

00-page dossier claims that BP's new "Keep Advancing" and "Possibilities Everywhere" campaigns refer to the company's gasoline as "clean burning" and strikingly renewable energy technologies and sweet young people driving electric cars and bicycles They are so misleading and full of "greenwashing" that they violate international corporate behavior guidelines .

Basically, all Fossil Fuel Ads mask something about the oil and gas industry ( I hear that it's bad for the business to say that your products make the biggest contributions to the biggest Pose a threat to which humanity has ever been exposed.), but these are especially bad.

In a TV commercial a man with a warm British accent says: "We must learn from the past, work harder than ever to safely produce cleaner, greener and smarter energy" from workers who installing a solar panel, and a guy cycling down the street. "The world needs progress and is looking for new opportunities everywhere, so that we can continue to drive dreams and ambitions." So inspiring!

You might think the campaign was launched by some new London Sustainability Companies Energy companies, not the British multinational oil and gas company, responsible for the Deepwater Horizon – 2010 emissions, which killed 11 workers and caused millions of barrels of oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Only five companies around the world are responsible for more CO2 emissions than BP. Nevertheless, the heir ads expediently do this. And while BP invests in renewable energy, BP accounts for more than 96 percent of BP's oil and gas investments.

"BP spends millions on an advertising campaign to give the impression that it's renewable, that the gas is cleaner, and that it's part of the climate solution," said ClientEarth attorney Sophie Marjanac in a Statement . "BP claims that each year, BP spends less than four out of every hundred pounds on low carbon investment. The rest is fueling the climate crisis.

A tobacco-style sample warning sign created by ClientEarth.
Image : ClientEarth

In a statement issued on Wednesday, BP said they had not seen the complaint yet, but strongly opposed the suggestion that our advertising was misleading.

" BP is of course known as a major oil and gas producer. We are also committed to a low-carbon future, "it continues. " With this promotional campaign we want to inform people about some of the possibilities we see, for example in charging wind, solar and electric vehicles as well as natural gas and advanced fuels. "

The thing is, if they are serious about their commitment to a" low-carbon future ", they should know that we can not produce any new oil and gas . Study According to study this shows that Heck, a new one that published the G Global Gas and Oil Network on Thursday stated that "carbon emissions from oil and gas Gas in fields and mines driving the world over 1.5 ° C. Warming temperature until 2030 "

" An expansion of oil and gas production would go beyond 2 ° C, "it says

The United Nations clarified that a warming of over 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees of fanfare) trigger massive heatwaves and the loss of almost all coral reefs Episode could have most arkti It would also expose millions of people to life-threatening heatwaves and floods and generally cause catastrophe Hardly the only sunny advertisement of a fossil fuel company glossing over the mass-genic effects of the oil and gas industry. I almost lost my mind about another BP ad on Twitter which asked me to calculate my carbon footprint as if I would feel guilty if I occasionally forget to turn off my hall light (it works meanwhile, the company continues to produce 1.4 million barrels of oil per day . Other oil companies have gone similar ways. For example, a recent Shell ad shows influencers trying to reduce their emissions of fossil fuels while driving through the country, as if Shell was not the seventh largest carbon emitter in the world ,

But yes, the ads are fine! Just add the warnings. And do it really, really big … big enough to cover the whole thing.

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