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League of Legends is saying goodbye to the clubs later this year

League of Legends’ clubs are on their way out, developer Riot Games announced. The feature that allows in-game MOBA game players to assemble consistent crews of friends, with options for group chat and teaming to play games together, was introduced in 2016 – but is now being shut down for the League client and League + mobile app “in the near future”.

“The tools for developing, maintaining and managing communities have come a long way over the years,” explains the developer in a post announcing the news of the club’s closure and the reasons for the decision. Providing examples of tools like TeamSpeak, Discord, and others, the studio says, “For decades, developers have helped gamers connect in new, innovative ways.

“What began as support for text / voice chat has grown into a suite of feature-rich, game-centric tools that gamers can use to communicate across games, play live-stream games, and coordinate their next meetings.”

; According to Riot, developing communication tools is at the heart of these companies. “However, we will never create a community tool that outperforms the industry leaders.”

The studio explains that when compared to the features that some of these tools provide, there is an “inequality in the experience” having its own version of a product “promoting team communication and social inclusion” – clubs – providing ” becomes extremely clear. ”Riot says this is okay and“ encourages[s] You can use the tools they provide! “

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In addition, the developer of League and Teamfight Tactics states that there are also some “technological limitations” in the game. “The technology that clubs were built on was a mix of internally developed systems and third-party software, which was really exciting at the time,” explains the post. However, the fact that the external components are no longer fully supported by the original developer means that the technology of the feature is gradually deteriorating.

While Riot says it worked on keeping clubs ship-shaped, the studio has now got to the point where it just “prolongs the inevitable.” Keeping the feature going would mean a complete makeover, and considering what would be of most value to players when it comes to focusing the development effort, the studio decided, “This is not where we are our efforts need to focus in order to do this the greatest impact on the players ”.

“Building League of Legends (and now TFT!) Is what we do best,” the post adds. “We believe we should focus on spaces where we can give you a really great experience in the future. Areas like fighting the behavior that is ruining the game, ultimately improving our client, revising our item system or developing new ways of playing like TFT. Other people are in the know when it comes to building incredible community management systems. We need to focus on how we can meet your needs in a unique way. “

League of Legends clubs are to be closed “in the preseason at the end of 2020”. Meanwhile, Riot is partnering with Discord to make the transition easier for club members who want to keep their crews together in-game.

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