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League of Legends preseason changes include new mythical items

League of LegendsThe 2020 season is almost over, and that means developer Riot Games is already dropping details on what to expect in the next season. In a preview released Monday, Riot gave fans a first real look at the in-game item revision that should make up the majority of the changes Riot is making ahead of the 2021 season.

While Riot has frequently changed items in leagueit was always slow; either a few at a time or just one type of item. But with the rest of the game in a fantastic location, Riot decided it was finally time to rework leagueArticles from top to bottom.

This means that all of the smaller component items and the larger items they are built into that are now referred to as legendary items, and even the item store itself, will be changed over the next season. But there is also a brand new category of articles that got the most attention in this post.

The new additions are known as Mythic Items and are designed to be the most important item as players create each game. These items have powerful effects, complement the other items you buy, and provide tons of valuable statistics. Each player can only have one in their inventory at a time and, according to Riot, they are almost always your first item.

One of Riot’s main focuses in developing these new items is giving players a choice in how to play. Riot wants players to make the decision of which mythical item to build in a given game based on the factors in that game, rather than having an item that is objectively the best that players add and remove.

To achieve this, Riot created a set of rules called the Item Balance Framework that ensure that every mythical item is followed. For example, a Mythic item should not have a build rate greater than 60% with any champion and a win rate no more than 2% higher than the other Mythic options.

Riot's plans for Season 11 items in League of Legends

Riot’s preseason 2021 Item Balance Framework
Image: riot games

Riot also says that if a Mythic item is used by more than two champions outside of its intended role, they will modify the item to ensure they are used as intended.

All of these changes will require extensive testing, so Riot plans to roll out these changes in the public beta environment in the near future. The new legendary and mythical items, as well as the new item system, will remain in the PBE until the end of the season, which usually takes place sometime in November. Once the season ends, Riot will release the preseason patch, which will include the new item system that players can test until the season officially opens in January 2021.

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