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Leaked British documents could have a Russian link, says Reddit

According to Reddit, documents at the center of an important debate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the UK may have leaked out of Russia. US governments may have come from a Russian campaign called "Secondary Infection." Reddit noted that the leaks that occurred in October bore some resemblance to the previous activities of Secondary Infection on Facebook.

Reuters originally reported the association between Secondary Infection and Reddit leaks. It has not been confirmed that there is a link between the leak and the Russian government, nor have the UK or US governments denied or confirmed the legality of the documents.

Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the ruling Conservative Party of attempting to sell the popular National Health Service of the United Kingdom to the United States because of leaked documents. The 71

-year Universal Health Program is one of the most popular facilities in the UK. Therefore, every possible change in the weeks leading up to the parliamentary elections becomes a sensitive issue.

The documents were first published by Reddit from an account called u / gregoriator. Reddit found a voting manipulation operation that supported this post, and the accounts that did this apparently worked enough like the previous efforts of Secondary Infection, of which Reddit believes that the leaks caused by the group have closed a subreddit and locked 61 accounts that were associated with the leaks. If these leaks actually came from Russia, they would be comparable to previous pre-electoral leakages involving Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Emmanuel Macron in 2017. UK leaks were mainly used to criticize the Conservatives. The election is scheduled for December 12 and the Conservatives have a slight lead in the election.

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