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Learn how Excel can make the survivor out of your startup for $ 39

TLDR: This 14-course collection contains tools that help you create a thriving startup for over 90% off using Excel.

When you create a list of the most groundbreaking business innovations of the 20th century, you might miss something like the simple table. However, considering how much influence spreadsheets and especially Microsoft Excel had on 21st century digital accounting and data analysis, this is remarkable evidence.

Microsoft Excel proficiency is still a benchmark for every entrepreneur's full role in building a business with training in The Complete Excel Bundle: MBA & Startup Toolbox. It is now available in TNW Deals by the thousands compared to the regular price of just $ 39.

The Course Collection consists of 1

4 classes, allowing even newcomers to Excel to learn the basics of spreadsheets before switching to more advanced data management tactics.

] After this training, you'll know the smartest and fastest ways to accomplish any task, from smoothly importing data to understanding pivot tables, automating repetitive processes, and even reformatting entire projects. It also focuses on fitting records to the chart's growth and projections, including visual modeling.

Each course in this package usually costs $ 200. However, if you choose this time-limited package, you will receive all 14 courses for $ 39, less than $ 3 per course.

Prices subject to change.

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