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Learn how to build a website the old-fashioned way with this HTML and CSS primer

TLDR: This responsive web design essentials course with a focus on HTML and CSS is the perfect introduction to coding for new web developers.

In the past, serious web encoders did the equivalent of walking three miles in both directions barefoot through the snow to complete a website build. Nowadays, these young whipper snappers just use their website creation apps and spit one out in an hour. Of course, these kids don̵

7;t really know today how a website is really built. You simply click and drag yourself to a finished product.

If something goes wrong or more than simple changes are required, the uninitiated are of course practically powerless to do so. Say what you will say about democratizing the web, but those who know at least the simple basics of coding are in a much better shape to understand everything than the click-and-dragger.

If you’re new to the coding world, there’s nothing more basic than HTML and CSS. So this is a good place to start coding training Responsive Web Design Essentials: HTML5 CSS 3 Bootstrap Course. It is currently available at a fraction of its regular price. only $ 19.99 from TNW Deals.

This course is led by certified instructor and expert Daniel Walter Scott and deals with the building blocks of creating a website with HTML and CSS. With the world’s most popular and free web design tool Visual Studio Code, you learn who really works on the web.

Of course, learning is all theoretical until it is put to the test. After your introductions, Scott guides students through the creation of a number of professional responsive websites, each of which teaches key programming skills that are fundamental to everything you create on the web.

From a website for a restaurant to a bike repair service, from a nice online portfolio to creating a website in Bootstrap: this hands-on training is exactly what can drive any hungry young novice on their way to some really cool web creations.

This training course is normally worth $ 199, but with this offer, the whole thing is available now only $ 19.99.

Prices can change.

Phew, hey you!

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