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Legion data confirmed for next-gen

The Xbox Series X / S is available on the same day

[[[[To update: Ubisoft has confirmed this again Watch Dogs Legion comes with a recruitment video on October 29th, which you can watch below. Stormzy will also receive an exclusive in-game mission and Aiden Pearce will appear as a playable character, complete with his “iconic cap”. 2020 y’all.]

This morning Microsoft made it official after countless leaks: The next generation, as far as it concerns them, will take place on November 10th. Boom.

That day the Xbox Series X and Series S are released, and the floodgates are opened for every other publisher to say, “Hey, our stuff is coming too.”

; Ubisoft is one of the first to fire this volley Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Coming to Xbox Series X and Series S on November 10th, and launching on PC, PS4, and Stadia the same day. The publisher boasts that Series X will run the game at 60 fps “in full 4K resolution”.

Ubisoft explains that too Guard dogs: Legion, which is still scheduled for release of the current generation on October 29th, will be a “day one” of the Xbox Series X / S titles on November 10th and benefit from “hardware-accelerated ray tracing” for the Series X / S. Oh, and the “Smart Delivery” system is still a good choice for both games. When you purchase the game on Xbox One or Series X / S, you can play it for free across generations as a reminder. Cross-save between Xbox One and X / S is also available.

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