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Lenovo Extends a Z6 Pro Phone with 5G and a Hyper Video Camera Over 100 Megapixels

Last August, Lenovo made headlines when he reported shortly after that it was the world's first 5G phone. This claim was dropped just before its subsidiary Motorola unveiled the Moto Z3 – a 4G phone with an optional 5G backpack. Now, the company has developed a flagship 5G named Lenovo Z6 Pro, which focuses on two key features: the ability to play and record ultra-high bit rate hyper-video content.

In a live presentation at the Mobile World 2019 Congress (recorded by Notebook Italia), Lenovo Phone Vice President Edward Chang suggested that 4G smartphones are dying and the 5G era due to a transition to "Hyperthermos" – Phones will be featured ̵

1; the next logical progression to 1G voice. 2G text, 3G image and 4G video features. Without fully explaining what "hyper-video" entailed, Chang said that 4G videos were transmitted at 100 MB to 1 GB network rate, while 5G hyper-video is transmitted at 10 GB-plus rates.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro would be ready for the next big leap in camera technologies. After pointing out Nokia's announcement that a phone with five reversing cameras had been announced, and an unnamed 100-megapixel smartphone due for debut later this year, Chang said Apple and other companies had a structured light and 3D technologies focused on flight time. "In addition," he asked, "what new technologies can the smartphone use to see the world the way you see the world?"

<img class = "size-full wp-image-2468568" src = "https://venturebeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/lenovo5g-e1551291043699.jpg?resize=1024%2C512&strip= Lenovo's Phone Vice President, Edward Chang, discusses 5G and the Lenovo Z6 Pro at MWC 2019. [19659005] Above: Lenovo Phone Vice President Edward Chang speaks about the Lenovo Z6 Pro at MWC 2019 via Hyper Video. [19659005] Credit: Notebook Italia

Without offering a concrete answer to this question, he said that Lenovo has been working on a hyper video camera for the Z6 Pro, which will hit the Chinese market for the first time in June, with China Unicom Camera to be able to use the previously discussed type of high bandwidth recording – data that can be used for video from 8K resolution to stereoscopic VR or volumetric / holographic photography Five cameras, an ultra-high resolution camera and previous 3D Camera solutions There is a certain likelihood that the target will be a form of high bandwidth stereoscopic display and recording solutions as people see the world like this. The word "beyond" probably does not mean that the Z6 Pro actually shoots photos or videos with a resolution of over 100 megapixels, but that its overall capabilities are a step ahead of additional pixels.

It remains to be seen how such videos would look like if they were encrypted and saved, although it is worth noting that the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processors used in Lenovo phones are capable of simultaneously recording and recording video from two cameras simultaneously save a single HEVC file. Snapdragon's new Spectra 380 ISP supports dual video at up to 22 megapixel resolutions and 30 frames per second. Stereoscopic videos may appear in a VR headset or glasses-free 3D screen similar to the Red Hydrogen One or Nintendo 3DS.

Lenovo has leaked a number of details before the official announcements, so more news may appear on Hyper Videos before the June event. Until then, speculation should begin.

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