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Lenovo tickles the first 5G laptop from Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx

Lenovo may be the first out of the gate with a laptop that uses the Qualcomm processor [Snapdragon8cx by Snapdragon which was rearmed during a press conference MWC 2019 Mum about the product in the works, except for the fact that it will use Qualcomm's new 5G connectivity modem for the 8cx platform, reports Anandtech . Considering how expensive (and expensive) the planned rail of 5G-supporting phones and other products have been, Lenovo's device is expected to be expensive.

And yet, since the Snapdragon 8cx debut in December 2018 during the Qualcomm Tech Day event in Hawaii, and even after CES 201

9 we still have nothing of Snapdragon 8cx up to this Lenovo device Products in the works belongs. Which is very, very strange.

Since Snapdragon's first announcement on Windows 10 laptops – in late 2017 – not just one device but three devices were paired with this technology, this is more of a disconcerting case.

Why start so slowly?

We can only guess why we have not seen a Snapdragon 8cx laptop on the market yet, but there are some possible causes. For one thing, Snapdragon 8cx laptop makers are likely to lag behind given the poor performance of the previous platform ( Snapdragon 850 ) and the speed with which Qualcomm transitioned to this version.

Many laptop manufacturers were – and still are – waiting for 5G to launch before investing in Qualcomm's latest PC platform. And third, it is likely that some laptop manufacturers are waiting to see how competitors use the Qualcomm processor before they do anything.

The acquisition of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx, however, could be a tough fight, especially if Lenovo's first processor uses the processor is not a slam dunk.

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