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Lenovo unveils the Google Assistant’s Smart Clock Essential

In our fast-paced technology world, we often expect product updates to offer expanded and new features. Lenovo is bucking this trend with the release of its second-generation Google Assistant-enabled smartwatch, which offers a little less for a little less. The new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential takes over the essence of the wizard and combines it with a traditional LED-style bedside clock.

We’re very impressed by the original Lenovo Smart Clock, which some have bought themselves and recommended far and wide. The updated version offers the same basic form factor but removes the LCD touch display and replaces it with a traditional LED watch face.

The Smart Clock Essential retains the overall size and shape of the original Smart Clock, with the same soft textile shell, rear USB charging port and basic physical controls and surprisingly good 3W speaker finding their way into the new device. Lenovo added a rear night light that is perfect for a kid’s room or an adult trying to navigate in the dark.

The new watch face is automatically dimmed using an ambient light sensor. This actually fixes an issue with the original device. The LCD panel was still a little bright even in the dining room, and in a bedroom there was always just a little too much lighting for some people. The Essential model will solve this due to the lack of a backlight. While we were hoping for an OLED model when we discovered this device via the FCC a few months ago, this may be ideal for those who don’t want or need a touchscreen option.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential model sells for $ 49 in the US, which with the addition of normal fees and taxes, is about AU $ 75, which is what the original device is now selling for. We reached out to Lenovo Australia for details on local pricing and availability.

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