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Lenovo’s new $ 50 smartwatch with Google Assistant is on sale now

Lenovo did it $ 49 Smart Clock Essential Available today. If you like the idea of ​​a smart speaker with a visual information element but aren’t ready to fill up just yet Smart display, Lenovo is new Smart clock essential can be the right choice for you.



The Smart Clock Essential is a scaled-down version of the Lenovo Smart Clock that was introduced last year. While the 2019 edition had a full-color smart display built in to show your calendar and a smart camera feed, the 2020 version is basically just a black and white alarm clock display that is a Google Assistant Smart speaker is wrapped. It shows you the time, day of the week, and current temperature, but that’s about it. It is a closer competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot with clock than Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart display.

As a smart speaker, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential will continue to play music and you can still interact with it like any other Google Nest Mini Speaker. It also costs just $ 50, which is $ 10 cheaper than Amazon’s new spherical Echo Dot with watch.

According to Lenovo, you can find the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential from Walmart and Best buyamong other retailers.

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