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Let yourself be filled with the slightest joy by this random pasta smiley

Nowadays we’re going to take hope wherever we can find it, and today that hope comes from a random smiley face found in some pasta.

On Tuesday, Matthew Burnside tweeted to announce that his wife had experienced a miracle. He explained that she “screamed through the house with urgency”, which made him sprint to her side. He thought something terrible had happened, but when he got to the kitchen, she just said “look” and held up a spoon with three pieces of pasta stuck to it.

Burnside attached a photo of what he saw to the tweet, and as you can see, the noodle pieces accidentally formed a perfect smiley face. 8th)

Burnside later called the adorable pasta face “Saint Spaghettio”, and the sacred sign that not everything is bad in this world lit up the days of so many other people.

At the time of writing, Burnside’s original tweet had almost 785,000 likes and more than 129,000 retweets. People found hope in this pasta face, and some even shared photos of unlikely smileys and shapes they had encountered in life.

“I’m glad it seemed to make some people happy,” Burnside told Mashable in a Twitter DM when asked about his viral pasta photo. “It’s a scary and stressful time, and people are happy wherever they can find them.”

Burnside is a university lecturer who is just finishing “a very strange semester”, but like so many others, pasta filled him with a moment of joy and peace.

Do hundreds of thousands of likes prove that we are extremely desperate for happiness? Of course! But the thread is extremely healthy too, so we love it.

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