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Let's celebrate International Women's Day together

Being a woman in the technology industry for men can be frustrating – so much so that if you're a woman in the technical field, I do not even have to explain what I mean. However, in the face of adversity, we have proven time and again that we have what it takes to be successful.

These stories that meet the challenge can be very motivating. Take, for example, the fact that female entrepreneurs receive less money than men, but double revenues . Or the fact that funding for Femtech envisaged a huge increase to over $ 400 million which proves that women's technologies and products are not a niche.

Stories like these give me and many women in technology the motivation to strive for greatness. I am fortunate to work for a company that gives me strong role models to share their own anecdotes ̵

1; whether at the TNW Conference, where a multitude of executives will be talking about diversity, or International Women's Day. On March 8, I will join TNW in to celebrate IWD2019 and the achievements of women at our headquarters, TQ.

Through networking, discussions and a panel of inspiring speakers, we will share our ups and downs and learn from them together.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing from our speakers: Anouk Vos, founding partner of RevNext; Janneke van den Heuvel, co-founder of TryLikes; and Linda Frietman, Founder and CEO of IamProgrez . With our own Georgina, Editor Community Manager at TNW, they talk on stage about their personal experiences as a female leader.

What's even more exciting is that all the ticket proceeds go to Technovation, the world's largest technology company for girls aged 10 to -18. This nonprofit organization has already helped 23,000 girls develop apps and startups to solve global issues.

If you want to participate in an evening of inspiring stories, networking, champagne and food, join us on March 8th. I can not wait to celebrate International Women's Day and help young girls achieve their goals. I just bought my ticket – can I see you there?

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