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LG G8 ThinQ first look! – Droid Life

Crystal Sound OLED. Time of flight camera. And of course Quad DAC. If you can not guess, I'm referring to LG's G8 ThinQ officially confirmed this weekend at the MWC in Barcelona. Before the unveiling, LG invited us to put the device into practice. The following is the result of this time you spent on the phone:

If you want to take a quick look at the G8 ThinQ, you can consider it 2018's G7 ThinQ. However, there are some differences that you have to keep in mind. As I have already suggested, this includes a Crystal Sound OLED display as well as a Z-camera (also known as ToF camera).

Basically, the Crystal Sound OLED makes the use of a front speaker superfluous, since the display itself acts as a loudspeaker. Yes, it gets incredibly loud, which is great. The other big new highlight, the Z camera on the front, brings a whole new Air Motion gesture suite that allows users to never touch the phone. You can unlock the phone with the palm of your hand (technically the veins in the palm of your hand), open apps, controls, and more with gestures.

We have a lot more G8 ThinQ coverage as soon as we have the device in the house So take a look at our little little handy video by then.

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