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LG OLED TV Deal: LG's B8 Drops to the Lowest Ever Price

I'm an unabashed fan of LG's OLED TV lineup. My favorite is still the OLED. Unfortunately, LG's TVs usually hover between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000, with the occasional dip during the Super Bowl and Black Friday. Today the price is lower than both of those events, and the lowest price is $ 300.

The 55 "LG B8 costs $ 1,100 from Amazon and Walmart right now.

The B8 is LG's low- The OLED TV, but in my experience looks just as beautiful as the LG C8, which was named a "Best Looking TV of 2018." The B8 has a little older Processor inside it, which is why it's the difference in processing power.

If the differences do matter do you, the LG C8 is also on sale. The LG C8 costs $ 1

,344 from Amazon and $ 1,375 from Walmart. [19659004] It's OLED.

Is it true? TV for You?

If you are not familiar with LG's TVs, or OLED, here's a short primer Whenever you're watching a more dynamic scene, or just about any Star Wars movie, you're watching a movie , In an OLED TV, every single pixel of that 4K (3.840 x 2.160) resolution screen can light up and shut itself off, creating the darkest, inkiest blacks possible. The varnish of a backlight to wash color out also gives OLED TVs richer color. Many smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy phones for example, use AMOLED, a display technology that is similar to OLED.

LG is currently the king of OLED. LG and OLED panels for their TVs.

TIRED: Like all TVs, the B8 and C8 are not perfect. If you're going to watch the same thing, like CNN, for days or weeks on end, and never turn your TV off, OLED may not be for you. In extreme usage, it can display some burn in. Setup what cumbersome and you have to tweak TruMotion (the soap opera effect). Roku device, and you should still invest in a good soundbar at some point.

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