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LG teases a retractable phone at the end of its wing event

It looks like LG hasn’t finished experimenting yet.

At the end of the LG Wing virtual event on Monday, the company teased a pull-out device, presumably a smartphone (via Cnet).

In the short clip at 1:05:37 in the Wing presentation (below) we get a side view of the device that ends with a very short flip to show its display.

The teaser ends with the slogans “Hold your breath”

; and “LG Explorer Project”. So it’s fair to assume that whatever is shown in the video is coming pretty soon.

LG Wing’s radical dual-display design has shown that LG isn’t afraid to try something new, and this phone is also part of the company’s Explorer project.

In fact, a slide-out phone wouldn’t necessarily be as experimental as some of LG’s previous projects (remember the modular LG G5 and friends?). However, with no details on the device, we’ll have to wait a while to see what this new device is about. It’s not without its precedent: TCL has had a retractable concept phone since February, and while it’s not exactly the same, we’ve seen phones with retractable cameras before.

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