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London-based Weezy gathers seed capital for its 15-minute grocery delivery app – TechCrunch

First there was a same day delivery. Then an hour of delivery came. Now a new London startup wants to make a 15 minute delivery a thing.

Put that hyper Weezy combines its own strategically located fulfillment center with a fleet of electric scooters and bike couriers that can take orders through the Weezy app. Founders Kristof Van Beveren and Alec Dent believe that they have discovered a niche in the market for an online grocery service aimed at “timeless professionals and parents” who want the speed of an on-demand service without being prohibitive is expensive.

Investors seem to agree that Weezy started out of the shadows with a £ 1 million upfront funding from Heartcore Capital, in addition to various individual supporters made up of former executives from Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury̵

7;s Chop Chop and Deliveroo.

Starting from the affluent parts of London, Fulham and Chelsea, customers can use the Weezy app to select and pay for items on their shopping lists – from fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and cupboard fillers to over-the-counter medicines, cleaning products and alcoholic beverages. The order will then be picked up and packaged at Weezy’s own fulfillment center before being delivered on electric scooters or bicycles within 15 minutes. The service runs daily between 10am and 10pm and costs £ 2.95 for delivery.

In particular, food is not only purchased from selected wholesalers, but also from local independent bakers, butchers and markets. Weezy speaks for local companies. The startup plans to open up to 15 more fulfillment centers in the British capital by the end of next year, before aiming for broader expansion in the UK.

“No other service delivers so quickly,” said Weezy CEO and co-founder Van Beveren. “Our hyperlocal fulfillment center model works because we can optimize the space for quick picking and packing, while keeping property and equipment costs low, keeping prices in check. Together with our in-house driver team, we can offer the fastest and friendliest grocery delivery service. And compared to convenience stores, Weezy offers better prices and a wider and higher quality product range. “

In comparison, Van Beveren notes that delivery of Sainsbury’s Chop Chop takes up to 60 minutes (and outsources delivery to courier company Stuart). Amazon Prime Now promises 1-2 hour delivery through Morrisons and its own warehouses, while Amazon Fresh in London offers same or next day delivery.

“In addition to speed, we offer a wide range of carefully crafted products and prices that match recommended retail prices,” added Weezy co-founder and COO Dent. “We also only use electric vehicles or bicycles for deliveries. We are committed to creating a supportive culture and the best working conditions for our driver team, which is also trained to work in the fulfillment center and offers opportunities for professional advancement. Satisfied employees make satisfied customers ”.

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