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Long-time Mozilla leader Mitchell Baker is now CEO


Meet Mitchell Baker, Mozilla's permanent CEO.

James Martin / CNET

On Wednesday, Mozilla chairman and longtime director Mitchell Baker was appointed permanent CEO of the company that makes the Firefox web browser.

Mitchell became interim CEO of Mozilla in December 2019 after former CEO Chris Beard resigned . The company has conducted an external candidate search for the past eight months and, according to a company blog post published on Wednesday, concluded that Mitchell was the right leader for Mozilla at the time.

"More and more people are realizing that the Internet needs attention," Baker said in another Mozilla blog post on Wednesday. "Mozilla plays a special, if not unique, role here. It's time to optimize our existing resources to meet the challenge. It's time to leverage Mozilla's ingenuity and incredible technical depth and understanding of the" web "platform to create new products and experiences. It's time to meet others who want these things and work together to make them a reality. "

Mozilla has given priority to issues such as privacy and online monitoring extended to areas such as password management and file sharing and private network connections. In January the company fired 70 employees to reach these priorities.

In February, Firefox introduced new privacy features in the United States to improve them. ISPs or others find it difficult to track users online. In April, the search bar was updated to improve productivity.

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