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MacBook Pro always shuts down? Apple has a strange solution.

After a number of MacBook Pro users complained that their computers were randomly shutting down, Apple officially acknowledged the problem and offered an unusual way to fix it.

The problem is the 13-inch MacBook Pro computer 2019 with two Thunderbolt 3 ports (though I would not bet he's limited to this model, see more on that later), which "shuts off randomly, though the battery indicates "remaining charge. "

More about the symptoms in this thread on MacRumors I can describe it from a personal experience, because it happens to me too: When the battery of my MacBook Pro is discharged in normal use (so nothing CPU intensive as playing or rendering a video), it turns off when it's about 20 -30% battery.

The difference is that in my case, this is a 1

3-inch MacBook Pro from 2017 with four Thunderbolt 3- This is rare, although it is quite common among some users of the newer computers.Of course, my MacBook Pro might suffer from another problem, but it is similar to what other users describe.

In any case, the advice of To resolve this problem, follow these steps: Charge the battery of your MacBook Pro to less than 90 percent, plug it into the power adapter, exit all apps, and then close the lid (the should insert the laptop) sleep mode) and charge the device for at least 8 hours. Then update to the latest version of macOS.

If the problem persists, contact Apple Support.

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