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Madhav Sheth, CEO, Realme on Tiny AIoT Devices, Tiny Phones, and Big Plans – Technology News, Firstpost

Realme was originally founded as a smartphone brand and has now branched out into various “intelligent” segments in India, including smart TVs, wearables and AIoT products. The company recently launched India̵

7;s first company SLED Smart TV (review) at a starting price of Rs 39,999. Madhav Sheth, head of Realme India, speaks with Tech2 about the latest SLED smart TV, the Narzo smartphone series and the company’s future roadmap for India.

    Interview: Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme on tiny AIoT devices, tiny phones and big plans

Realme India boss Madhav Sheth.

Tech2: Why did realme choose the Smart TV sector in India?

Sheth: The television is one of the most important household appliances for India’s families. Hence, a smart TV is an inevitable device as part of a comprehensive smart connected ecosystem. it has been in our plan for a long time. Since smartphones are at the core of the entire ecosystem, we started there and quickly grew into an established smartphone brand. This makes us feel that the time is right to start our journey to become the most popular tech lifestyle brand in India. This thought ushered in the empire’s journey to enter the smart TV room in India.

Realme intends to launch several AIoT products for the “Personal, Home and Travel” sectors in 2020. Smart TV is the core component of the “4” hubs in the new “1 + 4 + N” strategy.

Tech2: It seems like you are proceeding cautiously in the TV segment by launching a model or two every quarter. Why not launch different sizes in the same series at the same time?

Sheth: Realme has always been a product-centric brand that caters to users’ needs. As a newbie, we started with the most requested size – just 32 “and 43” according to market feedback, and more importantly, we are hungry to hear feedback from consumers and markets for information on how to optimize the products. Then we will move on. The Realme Smart TV 4K SLED meets the constant demand of users for a bigger screen and a cinematic experience. We are still in the early stages of TV production and will be able to develop and bring more models to market over time. Stay tuned.

Tech2: Can you shed some light on the choice of SLED technology for your new TV?

Sheth: The SLED display technology is being developed by realme in collaboration with John Rooymans, chief scientist of SPD technology (Spectral Power Distribution). SLED is based on RGB backlight technology. White light is made up of three basic colors – red, green and blue. While most LED TVs including QLED only use blue backlights. SLED is then converted to white and initially uses red, green and blue LED lights that reduce the harmful effects of blue light while delivering vivid colors. In technical terms, a SLED display allows the television to have an extremely wide color gamut of up to 108% NTSC, which is the same as most QLED displays, but less expensive. In addition, a lower intensity of the blue light has a clear advantage for eye protection compared to normal LED or QLED. We are excited to bring this technology to India to bring users a flagship cinematic cinematic experience in this price range.

Tech2: What’s Next for Realme in Smart TV?

Sheth: We will continue to strengthen our position in the future with new offerings and bring at least 5 new Smart TVs to the market that will meet the demand and budget of various consumers in 2021.

Tech2: If you are moving to smartphones, do you plan to launch cheap 5G phones anytime soon?

Sheth: We currently have no such plans. The network is not there yet and we are not seeing any great demand from budget phone consumers right now. However, if there is a demand from our customers in the future, we can look into it.

Tech2: India seems to have way too many Realme phones at similar prices. Don’t you think this can be confusing for buyers and counterproductive for the company?

Sheth: Realme’s smartphone portfolio is very clearly defined: under 10,000 INR – Realme C-series, which is considered the value king for beginners; INR 10k – 20k – Realme Number & Pro series as the flagship of the youth; Over 20,000 INR – Realme X and X Pro series as the ultimate flagship; and finally the Narzo series – a performance-oriented smartphone for young gamers who are multitaskers and game lovers.

If we put two smartphones on the market at similar price segments, it is because the sales pitch and audience of each product is different. We study the needs of our users and bring our products to market accordingly. We believe our approach has helped our growth and made Realme the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world, offering our customers a wide variety of products to choose from and experience.

Tech2: What is the USP of the Narzo phone series? As of now, they seem to be renaming Realme phones with a little differentiator. Are there any plans to give them a completely different identity (design, functionality, etc.) in the future?

Sheth: The Narzo series offers users the world’s leading gaming chipsets and is aimed at enthusiastic young gamers as well as performance seekers and multitaskers.

It is a misunderstanding and I would like to take this opportunity to clear it up again. Realme started the journey with “Power Meets Style” and the Narzo series takes our power advantage to the limit, offering the best in performance and processors at any price. Realme, on the other hand, is characterized by flagship cameras, fast charging, and a superior overall experience. In fact, in the Narzo 20 Pro we have brought the unique combination of the Mediatek Helio G95 SoC – the world’s leading gaming chipset – with 65 W SuperDart for an incomparable gaming experience. The Narzo 20A brings the Qualcomm SD665 processor into its segment for the first time, along with a 5000 mAh mega battery that promises uninterrupted use.

While these are in the specs section, we’ve also made an effort to create a brand new, distinctive identity for the Narzo range with a new branding logo. The phones of the Narzo 20 series have a noble V-shaped design as a sign of victory. From the technical data to the design language, the Narzo series is exactly what you need to stand out from the competition.

Tech2: Phone screens seem to get bigger every year. Apple and Google seem to have surprisingly changed the trend this year with the introduction of the iPhone SE and Pixel 5. Can we hope to see Realme compact phones soon?

Sheth: We continue to listen to our customers’ feedback and needs, and provide the best quality products at a competitive price based on customer insight. We understand that the demand for screen size varies from person to person. Based on our research and product feedback, consumers are satisfied with the display size of the current portfolio of 6.4 to 6.7 inches.

We don’t have any plans for compact phones right now, but we’re open to all sizes. If there are plans to develop compact smartphones in the future, we will share the news with our customers in due course.

Tech2: You mentioned that AIoT products are key to Realme’s growth strategy in India. Can you explain that in more detail?

Sheth: Realme aims to be the most popular tech lifestyle brand in India.

In order to understand the different needs of the young, thousand-year-old population group, we have relied on a robust AIoT portfolio with the product strategy “1 core smartphone + 4 smart hubs + N smart gadgets and accessories”. The focus is on creating a portfolio of a whole range of AIoT solutions that a consumer uses in their daily lifestyle, such as smartphones, smart TV, smart watch, true wireless and audio accessories, electric toothbrush, power bank, fitness band, etc. We have a roadmap to roll out 50+ AIOT products by the end of 2020 and 100+ AIOT products by 2021 to become a one-stop destination for versatile AIOT solutions next year so that our customers get it all what they need for a smart, free and free product. trend-setting networked lifestyle.

Our AIOT products are now available on all major e-commerce platforms and over 30,000 offline stores. We will also open 50 exclusive Realme stores to bring Leap Forward technology to customers first hand.

The success of AIOT products strengthens the Realme brand image of a tech lifestyle brand and strengthens customer loyalty as a valuable brand element for future growth.

Tech2: Can you give us some insight into your product roadmap for the rest of the fiscal year? What new interesting products and product categories can we expect from Realme this year or early next year?

Sheth: We have worked on several AIoT products in the “Personal”, “Home” and “Travel” segments, including a trimmer, etc., which you will get to know in the coming months. Look forward to more surprises on this front.

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