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Make sense out of 3 Edtech expansion rounds – TechCrunch

While venture capitalists When edtech startups are financially supported, the surge in interest doesn’t come without pressure.

Edtech companies are looking for new ways to enter a booming market. As Andrew Graeur, co-founder of Course Hero put it, the goal of his Q&A platform went from one million subscribers to “many millions” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One way edtech companies are approaching these unprecedented times is by holding renewal rounds specifically designed to attract strategic partners from around the world. The approach of swapping stocks for an opportunity for globalization is neither rare nor cheap, but it has gained new weight in the face of the boom in the sector.

ApplyBoard today completed a $ 55 million renewal round for the Series C, which is now $ 1

30 million. ApplyBoard helps international students find and apply to universities and colleges around the world. Users should consider it a common app for international students that serves as a college undergrad application.

A spokesman for the startup, which became a unicorn worth over $ 1.4 billion in May, said the round hadn’t changed its valuation. Instead, the financing was less about the financing and more about the partners we were able to get on board as a result.

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