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Making your social media feeds more than just your boring friends

Do you remember how exciting opening social networking apps was? Well, all that your friends seem to post is politics / their babysitting / what they eat. The good news is that the best social apps go well beyond your friends and family – there are interesting content if you know where to find them.

Instagram is a good app for starters: Of course, You can sign up to follow people outside of your immediate social circle, be it a celebrity who inspires you, a sports star who entertains you, or one Comedian who makes you laugh. In fact, could fill your entire feed with people you've never met in real life.

But there is more. Open the Explorer tab in the app (the magnifying glass) to be inspired ̵

1; Sites Channels, pets, and fictional characters have Instagram feeds. You can find feeds full of gadgets movie scenes or people buying paper roses in the New York subway . If you're interested, you can find an Instagram feed about it.

You can also follow hashtags in Instagram: Enter a hashtag on the Explore tab and tap the Follow (You could) I'd like to flip through some of the newer posts with the hashtag, to make sure that they meet your expectations.

Instagram hashtags.
Screenshot : Gizmodo

Instagram sprinkles some posts a week from your chosen hashtag into your feed. This depends on his popularity. The most common hashtags would obviously overwhelm your feed if each one appears, so the app makes use of it A bit of algorithmic magic to get the highlights you've selected.

Hashtags that are not popular may show more or even all posts. Choose your hashtags wisely. Take a look at the hashtags other people use, and you'll soon get a sense of what you can follow – and of course, over time, you can change them over and over again .

When it comes to Twitter – which is a very broad community, as you know when you use it – some of the same rules apply to Instagram. You can follow all kinds of interesting people except people you actually know, whether it's journalists who are interested in a beat or musicians you like (the less famous

Twitter profiles.
Screenshot : Gizmodo

And Twitter goes way beyond people – you can Lyric Bots and Famous Landmarks Fills your feed with short Wikipedia entries and Louis Theroux pitches which are located above the artwork of almost any description and much more.

One of the lesser known features of Twitter is the way you can create lists of specific accounts: these separate lists can be based around a specific group of people or a b certain topic, without disorder y our main timeline. You do not have to follow an account to add it to a list: On a Twitter profile page, click the top three dots, and then select Add / Remove Lists .

To find your lists (and create new ones), open your Twitter profile, and then left click the Lists button. Lists can be public or private, and you can bookmark them if you want to get back to them quickly. You'll see tweets of all accounts in the list, so you might have a list for comic art a list of gadget messages, a list of entertaining videos, and more.

TweetDeck columns
Screenshot : Gizmodo

With Gizmodo, you can do even more Twitter's own charged TweetDeck client. TweetDeck is based on columns that are updated automatically in the browser . A not only has columns showing your timeline and one of your lists, but you can also use it to track hashtags and real-time searches .

You may want to follow local hashtags, such as: or hashtags on movies, music and literature you like. You can track vacancies in your industry, participate in online competitions or scientific studies, without seeing tweets of your family and friends, if you do not want to … and all you need to get started in TweetDeck is a Twitter -Account.

Even the bloated, silly nightmare that acts as a Facebook newsfeed can be addressed to some extent. You do not have to go through all the memes and political opinions and baby photos that your friends post each time you open the app or Facebook on the web.

Facebook "Friends".
Screenshot : Gizmodo

If there are people you want to stay connected (or need to stay) on Facebook, but never want to see any of their posts in your news feed, go to the corresponding profiles and click Follow and then Do not follow . You can also "snooze" a person's posts temporarily by clicking on the three dots in the upper-right corner of one of their posts in the News Feed and then selecting Snooze .

Possibly I have never encountered this feature, but Facebook also supports lists – you can access and create them and then bookmark them in your browser to get posts only from a selection of your friends see, instead of all at once.

And as with Instagram and Twitter, you can add much more to your newsfeed besides family and friends: Technical Websites They love their favorite filmmakers remarkable museums and so on and so on. These accounts can be added to lists as needed and revoked if you do not like what they publish.

In a nutshell, if your social media feeds are boring, you really do not have to blame anyone but yourself: with some careful trimming and optimization, you may be able to reopen your social apps.

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