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Malaysia tests with urban redevelopment drones

Malaysia, like the rest of the world, is currently encouraging its citizens to stay at home. There is a Movement Control Ordinance that does not allow people to leave their homes unless it involves essential activities such as buying groceries, visiting a doctor, etc.

As such, the cities in the country are pretty clear, and that Government is now trying to take this opportunity to remediate it as much as possible. So much so that DBKL has announced that it will test the feasibility of using drones to renovate cities, where these drones could be used to renovate high-rise buildings.

According to Federal Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa, “Drones are one of the ways to disinfect high-rise buildings, but DBKL has to check their feasibility. Some places in the city are not suitable, especially if there are electrical cables and lamp posts nearby or if the weather is too windy. If it could reach the high-rise corridors, it would save a lot of labor. DBKL must also investigate whether the disinfectant can reach the target areas. “

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