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Malt raises $ 28 million to expand its European freelance platform

Paris-based Malt has raised $ 28 million in venture capital as it plans to expand its free platform into Germany and the Netherlands.

The company has attempted to simplify the process of being a freelancer in a country where rigid economic and bureaucratic systems make working independently daunting. 15,000 corporate partners.

"We believe the gigantic B2B staffing market has just started its transformation, but we've reached a tipping point where the best experts are now freelancers, "said Malt CEO and co-founder Vincent Huguet in a statement. "Companies must adapt to this new reality in a context in which talent is hard to come by."

Huguet co-founded the company in 201

4 with Hugo Lassiège. The freelance market has been slow to develop in France, but has begun to grow in recent years. Malt notes that there are about 930,000 freelancers in France as of September 2018, up from 830,000 in early 2017.

Having established itself and France and launched in Spain, the company now has 100 employees in Paris, Lyon and Madrid and hopes to grow to 200 this year.

Idinvest Partners led the round, which also included money from previous investors ISAI and Serena. The company has now raised a total of $ 36 million.

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