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Marge Simpson wades into politics to insult the Trump adviser

Marge Simpson stands up against naming in the 2020 US President’s race.

After offending the voice of alleged Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Jenna Ellis, a campaign advisor and attorney for President Donald Trump, sounded like Marge Simpson’s, the people behind it The simpsons made a little video with Marge and posted it on Twitter in response.

The video of Marge alone on stage isn’t particularly inflammatory or funny, but then again, that wouldn’t really suit Marge̵

7;s character. Instead, the blue-haired mother and wife calmly condemn the use of naming rights after telling viewers that their daughter Lisa told her Ellis did not intend the comment to be a compliment.

“If so, I feel a little disrespectful as an ordinary suburban housewife,” says Marge. “I teach mine children not to mention Jenna. “

The end of her testimony is a resounding stab at Ellis, but it’s somewhat mitigated by Marge’s stinger joke that he’s being censored for saying “pissed off”. Marge’s statement of being a Sub-Ruban housewife also seems to align with Trump’s recent racist tweet that suburban housewives will vote for him to keep low-income housing out of their neighborhoods.

The only response Ellis has given Marge so far is a retweet from someone who says she “triggered”. The simpsons.

Of course this is not the first time The simpsons dipped his toes in politics. The long-running animated series has made countless blows against political figures over the decades and addressed all kinds of political issues. It is seldom that the show is so bluntly referenced by such high-ranking politicians that it seems appropriate to react directly.

In the early 90s The simpsons received a condemning letter about the show from the late First Lady Barbara Bush, to which the Marge Simpson character “responded” and sparked a short-lived correspondence between the two.

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