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Mario Switch’s remasters have been delayed after the series’ 35th birthday

Nintendo has delayed the release of planned 3D Mario Switch remasters beyond the upcoming 35 of the mascotth Birthday, it was claimed.

This comes out from the reputable Nintendo podcast Nate the Hate, which last correctly outperformed both August’s Indie World Showcase and Nintendo Direct Mini before they were announced.

As VGC first reported in March, the Mario Switch remasters will release Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy as part of an anniversary compilation that was originally supposed to coincide with the 35 of the Nintendo mascotth Birthday on September 13th, 2020. A ‘Deluxe’ version of Wii Us 3D World is also planned.

According to well-known Nintendo insider Nate – and confirmed by VGC̵

7;s own sources – Nintendo’s original plan for the 3D collection was an E3 June E3 announcement and celebration that led to the planned opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan.

However, those plans were eventually disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. E3 2020 has been canceled and the opening of the Nintendo theme park postponed. In another possible glitch, Nate claimed that the Switch remasters would now appear past Mario’s actual birthday month and closer to Christmas.

Nintendo’s planned Mario 35th celebrations were interrupted by Covid-19.

“I think now it will be positioned more as a vacation game than originally planned,” the insider said on a new podcast.

“I think the original plan was that the 3D collection would be out in September if these games had been announced in June. Then 3D World Deluxe would probably have followed up either in October or maybe even in early November. It’s now completely scrapped. “

Though releases may have slipped, the insider said the announcement of the 3D Mario remasters and 3D World Deluxe would come in September to mark Mario’s 35th anniversary.

“Then we might be looking at a 3D collection that is either early October … or the 3D collection will come out in November and be positioned as a prime holiday title with a Mario console, a dock and all that,” he said said.

“Then I think 3D World Deluxe will be delayed from the 35th anniversary celebration and come out in January 2021.”

Nintendo significantly scaled back the marketing of game announcements in 2020, partly due to complications related to remote working.

Nintendo didn’t host a Nintendo Direct in June this year, and there hasn’t been a full Direct broadcast since September 2019. Instead, the platform owner decided to send smaller streams, mostly focused on individual titles like Animal Crossing and Smash Bros.

Currently, the platform owner only has one announced title with a confirmed release date: October’s Pikmin 3 Deluxe, which was announced via press release this month, rather than the usual Direct model.

The Nate the Hate show claimed that Pikmin was originally slated for release earlier this year – a claim that VGC’s own sources confirm – which could suggest that another game originally slated for October had slipped.

“This is a sign of how confused Nintendo was with Covid-19 for planning for 2020 … I’d say I’m 99% confident that Pikmin 3 will be used to replace the timing of 3D World” he said.

“So I would definitely expect 3D World to come out next year, as the 3D collection is more important for Nintendo this year if they want to celebrate the 35th anniversary in a meaningful way.”

Nintendo has already signed two flagship licensing deals originally planned for Mario’s 35th anniversary: ​​a dedicated Lego Mario interactive set and a range of Uniqlo apparel, the latter of which was specially designed for Mario Bros. ‘upcoming birthday. And last month, special Super Mario versions of Monopoly and Jenga were also released.