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Marshall Speaker, Original Penguin, Burrow and more

The best deals of the day The best offers from the internet are updated daily.

Burrow's Spring Sale, Uniqlo Blocktech jackets and LLBean gear will be hosting the best deals around the web on Saturday.

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Today's Best Tech Deals

Boost volume in this one-day Marshall deal. With Amazon's Gold Box, you'll be able to blast your favorite songs from Marshall Kilburn's portable black-and-white portable Bluetooth speaker in black for only $ 140 – the lowest price ever. However, this song will end soon; The deal only lasts one day.

The 64-inch-long, reusable, bendable branch of Nite Ize can carry many cables on it It's never been so cheap at $ 10. Even if that's too much for your strings, this thing is big and durable enough to hold garden hoses, bits of wood, and more together.

  Preview item of the preview image
Nite Ize Has The Bindings to Bind Everything in Your Life

After spending time with Velcro, Above the Fray, Cloop and Cord Tacos, we are ready to be tied up

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  Preview [6659013] A clean desk starts with cable management and cable management starts with this equipment </h6>
<p>  A messy desk is not a sign of genius – it is a Sign of a messy person – do not confuse it. </p>
<p> Read More <span class= Read

Updated: Only two days left to profit from these lower prices.

Private Internet access is the most popular VPN service for our readers, in part due to lower prices than most of the competition. However, as of March 18, the company will raise prices for the first time, doubling the device connection limit from five to ten.

  Preview of the preview image
The Best VPN Service of 2018 is a Private Internet Access “/>
VPNs are a hot topic these days, and our readers made it clear that private Internet …

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New Prices:

  • 1 month: $ 9.99 (previously $ 6.95) [19659031] 1 year: $ 71.88 (previously $ 39.95)
  • 2 years: $ 83.87 (previously $ 69.95)

These are significant price increases, but the company will allow active customers to renew their account for what they were previously paying for means this week is a great time to sign up if you do not have a VPN service yet.

The following links give our readers even better prices than the public:

19659008] Do not be a tool; Take advantage of these offers for two Makita tools in the Gold Box from Amazon. The Makita LED floodlight is currently available for $ 73, and the Makita Electric Chainsaw for $ 190, the lowest prices ever for both items. But hurry up and store your toolbox. This deal is only for today.

Here you can make friends with: Burrow's sofa-in-a-box suppliers who save up to $ 500 on savings on their easy-to-install seats, pillows and throws Offer. – Promo code TULIP2019 – The more you spend, the more you save (as this is usually the case). You can get $ 75 for purchases of $ 450 +, for $ 150 for purchases of $ 800 +, for $ 225 for purchases of $ 1,150 +, for $ 300 for purchases of $ 1,500 +, for $ 500 for purchases of $ 2,000 + submit. If you have to sit down for a minute, we'll record that. Does not take too long; This offer is only valid until 7th of April.

  Preview of the article Thumbnail
Ask a friend: How to decorate your first home

Hey SG, I just moved into my first flat without a roommate. I have the most basics (bed, …

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  Preview of preview image
The couch for direct use has arrived (In boxes) with Burrow [Updated]

Das Last time I bought a couch, I looked at more than 4000 before finally settling down, then I had to …

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Today's Best Lifestyle Deals

At Original Penguin Expect new sales pens to increase the brand's total sales area, including cool button-downs, polo shirts, t-shirts, shoes, shorts, pants and swimwear by 20%, just use the promo code SAVE20 and grab your clothes ASAP as this sale ends tomorrow.

Dive into this sale with fishing hooks at LLBean: Fishing Hook can take back 20% on everything from waders, shirts, zip-leg pants, Fly rods and boots and meh r, using the promo code CATCH20 so take the bait and buy now before the sale swells tomorrow. [1 9659054] RainScarf | $ 16 | Daily Steals | Promo Code KJSCARF

Graphics: Chelsea Stone

April showers are on the way; Do not let the rainscarf fall into a storm – that is, if you do not want an umbrella – for only $ 16 on Daily Steals with the promo code KJSCARF . The average viewer may think that this fabric strip is just an average scarf, but in fact it pulls in and shows a waterproof hood and a cloth if bad weather applies to you. The RainScarf is available in burgundy, gray or plaid and has two zipped pockets to keep your clothes dry. Use this deal now, before it gets washed away.

  Preview of the article thumbnail
Push off is the favorite umbrella of our readers, Ella, Ella, Eh like,

Push off, uh, push off the competition Take the crown as our readers' favorite umbrella and strike out …

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It's only March, but you can prepare yourself for the April Showers, especially as Uniqlo marks a whole series of actions featuring water repellent Blocktech outerwear. Men's and women's Blocktech parkas and coats are only $ 69, and some longer models are $ 80 and $ 90. You'll be glad to have used this deal the next time you fall into a downpour.

Today's Best MEDIA Deals

Shrill is now a series on Hulu with Aidy Bryant, but now you can catch up on the show's source material for less. Lindy West's Best Seller Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman is being sold for EUR 2 on Kindle.

Today's Best Gaming Deals

Get on top of this deal with the LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter Building Kit , Build your own 190-piece rescue chipper for just $ 12 and start saving some LEGO lives.





Offers that You may have missed

LG's OLED televisions have achieved cult status thanks to their deep blacks and vibrant colors. Today, with a pair, you can get the best prices on the 2018 B8 models from Refurb discounts on the 55 and 65 inch sets.

The image quality of the lower-priced B8 models should be nearly identical to the 2017 popular LG sets (which is a good thing), but the 2018 models include LG's ThinQ voice assistant and HFR support (High Frame Rate Video ) with up to 120 frames per second. HFR content is not really there yet, but it is expected that a couple of films starting this year will be available for streaming services. So if you want to use the TV for several years, it may well be worth it to secure the future.

  thumbnail of the article thumbnail
LG's Canyon of OLEDs is trippy cool

LG has been known to have some of the best OLED televisions on the market. So why not …

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] The more expensive C8 model available today has an updated processor capable of handling both HFR and HDR simultaneously, while the B8 only has one processor at a time can run at the same time.

We've seen a lot of big televisions Today, the biggest thing is: MassDrop sells a Sony 85-inch monster for $ 2,500.

The feature is of course the huge 4K Ultra HDR10 capable 120 Hz panel. It offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 16: 9 aspect ratio and all the magic of Sony to display better texture, contrast and color. and it has Google Smart installed.

Of course, $ 2,500 is a lot of money. Even the fact that this price is $ 300 lower than the next best price does not make it any easier. However, if you're looking for a truly world-class home theater experience, finding another one of those caliber is difficult.

Anker makes a lot of really big batteries. You probably own one or two of them. But it's also worth keeping a bag-friendly one in your arsenal for a few days if you need extra juice but do not want a bag with you. This 5,000mAh model can fully charge virtually any smartphone at least once. Currently, it's only $ 17, compared to the usual $ 22.

  Preview of the Preview image
The best choice for the best USB battery: Anker PowerCore

Perhaps the most predictable Coop result of all time, The PowerCore range of USB batteries from Anker …

Read more Read [19659090] Although not quite as slim or as fast as the new, bezel-free 11 "iPad Pro, the previous generation iPads are still fantastic at their reasonable discretion, and Amazon offers a lot for multiple models.

  Preview of the article thumbnail
The new iPad Pro is unbelievable, but not worth the upgrade

The iPad has a problem that we all want to have: It's too damn good, the battery life and …

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With today's Gold Box, you can choose from 64GB iPad Pros, in the 10.5-inch option in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver for $ 430 and a 12.9-inch Pro for $ 560 in Space Gray and Silver.

The main reason for buying these devices (in addition to Apple Pencil support if you use something) is the 120 Hz screen. If you've ever experienced it in an Apple Store, you know it's almost uncannily smooth, even compared to the latest iPhones.

. Anchor Car Accessory Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you switch to Amazon today, you can make some popular bargains for popular anchor car accessories from the Gold Box.

Best for My Money The bunch is this $ 20 car charger, which includes a 30W USB-C port in addition to a standard USB port. It's ideal for charging a laptop or Nintendo Switch during a long drive, without the need for a bulky inverter. There is also a normal dual-port car charger included in the price of $ 14.

Also worth mentioning is this Qi Charger, which supports a 7.5W charging speed for iPhones and 10W for compatible Android devices. Note that you will need a Quick Charge 3.0 car charger to operate.

This USB battery Most cars can be ready to go with the included jumper cables and are small enough to fit in your glove box. There will come a day when you will be late for an appointment and your car will not start, and you are really glad that you have bought this thing. Bonus: There is an additional $ 10 coupon available at the time of publishing this entry.

There are also a few dash cams, but I would probably get the cheaper of both ironically, as it charges 1080p at 60 FPS, while the more expensive ironically delivers only 30 FPS. These extra frames can really make a difference when it comes to capturing a license plate.

From amazon

Keep in mind that these offers are only available today and the best things can be sold out early, so do not let the engine slow you down Before you make your selection, you should not worry about the deal ,

USB-C batteries are getting more powerful and cheaper at the same time. This new model from RAVPower includes a 45 watt port for only $ 48 (with promo code truck ZQ4C3), while most we've seen so far has been limited to 30W.

  Preview of the article thumbnail
This upcoming USB-C battery pack is pure, unproven overkill

At The Inventory, we are very happy with USB batteries. Dozens of …

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That means you could charge a Nintendo Switch, a MacBook or a MacBook Air at full speed or a 13 "MacBook Pro at near full speed 20,100 There is enough juice for a full day in front of a power outlet.

if you want to give the gift of a Tile Bluetooth gadget finder for your forgetful mother on this Mother's Day, you should buy this four-pack of user-replaceable batteries.Today's $ 60 price for the brand new Tile Mate includes a bonus slim unit pack of Tile Mate's are $ 55 at Amazon, so this deal only makes it $ 5 more for the Slim.

Go dancing in the streets – you can now have your own batteries [196Foryearstiletrackershavebecomesmallermorewatertightandwidened

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You should not give up good sheets, which are an integral part of a good bed, and im Moment are some of our favorites from Casper on offer. For a limited time, take 30% off in three different variations – Airy Linen, Cool Supima and Weightless Cotton – along with comforters, pillowcases and quilts. It's a sweet deal that will surely make sweet dreams.

  thumbnail image thumbnail
Casper's duvet cover is the casper of duvet covers

Casper threw the mattress industry out of bed in 2014, and most of our team sleep around …

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] Read [19659159] preview of article thumbnail “/>

Nine night facilities for better sleep, promises

Did you hear? Sleep is trendy! Yes, one thing that every person on the planet does every night, …

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Here's your uncomplicated deal of the day. By visiting this page and entering your e-mail address, Grove Collaborative will give you Grove and Mrs. Meyer's $ 30 worth of free products, spending $ 20 on everything else on the site. I also got a free glass spray bottle and a concentrated cleaner for seemingly no reason.

After entering your e-mail address, you will automatically be taken to a shopping cart with items already added worth over $ 20. You can delete them and replace them with any items. Grove is well stocked with laundry items, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, personal care products and even baby items. You know, things you have to buy anyway. So you could as well get a bunch of Mrs. Meyer's stuff for free.

Note : The offer also gives you 60 days of free Grove membership for free VIP shipping, which automatically adds up to a fee of $ 20 per year, but you can auto-renew it immediately cancel after ordering.

The advantage of using a tumbler over a conventional water bottle is obviously the straw. The disadvantage is therefore an increased risk of spillage, since the straw must have a place to walk. However, the Contigo Autoclose Tumbler has solved this problem completely and created a tumbler that is pretty perfect. And now you can get one for only $ 11 in the Clear / Monaco color combination.

  Preview of preview image
Your Best Travel Mug: Contigo Autoseal West Loop

The majority of the thousands of votes cast by the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless …

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Die The brand that makes up our readers' favorite travel mug uses the Autoclose technology, which allows the lid to close the dreaded straw. When the straw is removed, you can shake or mix the drink as you like. This tumbler is double-walled, so no slippery condensation needs to be sweated through which it could slip out of your hands. If it somehow falls, that's OK; The tumbler is also made of unbreakable plastic.

Zero Grid Money Belt | $ 15 | Amazon | Redeem $ 1 coupon and use code 7BPUS7JR
. Graphic: Shep McAllister

I know it looks dorky, but if you're ever in a situation where pickpocketing is a serious problem, you can not keep your valuables safe from hidden money belts. This Zero Grid is made from ripstop nylon and has plenty of space for phones, credit cards and even passports. Plus, you get a ton of bonus RFID protections to counteract more modern forms of theft.

This deal is actually two deals: Clip $ 1 coupon, then promo code 7BPUS7JR at checkout, to the total price up to $ 15. That's a … theft.

crawling past your furniture to plug in your various gadget days and the Power plug to pull in and out of the day That's the way it was last year. Bring your outlets into 2019 with this $ 30 TP-Link Mini Smart Plug 2 Pack (with promo code 15KASA ) that lets you enable or disable your outlets with your smartphone. or steer her with Alexa. All this and she occupies only one outlet at a time. Ah, technology.

Loudspeakers, toothbrushes, candles and potted plants take valuable storage space when you can add a shelf to an electrical outlet? This thing holds 10 pounds and today costs only $ 5 with the code MX6AGTXV. Do you want one more? Get the two pack for $ 10.

$ 5

From amazon Use the code MX6AGTXV

GMG may receive a commission

From [19456545] amazon Use the code MX6AGTXV

GMG may receive a commission

New season, new J.Crew. Start spring by filling your closet with clothing for the retail, men, women and children of the retail trade. With the promo code NEWSTYLES you can make savings on shirts, pants, dresses, accessories, and more, and ring in plenty of new styles in the spring.

It's warmer weather on the horizon, so get new gear and head out. Right now REI Outlet is taking orders worth $ 20 or more to cover everything from outer clothing, footwear and backpacks to tents, bicycles and sleeping bags from coveted brands such as Marmot, Patagonia, The North Face and

Es Surely, there's a lot to think about, some of our favorite things: the Marmot Minimalist rain jacket, Smartwool socks, the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer down jacket and The North Face Flight's RKT running shorts all for less. The discount is automatically applied to the cash register, so shop now and enjoy the outdoors even more.

  Preview of preview image
All Raincoats Should Have Hood: A Modest Proposal

My old raincoat had about ten dollars of rubbish that was little better than carrying a garbage bag, so …

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  Preview Thumbnail
Your Five Best Favorites for the Best Everyday Men's Socks

It was one of the most active nominations rounds ever, with a few sock brands released by the …

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  Preview thumbnail
Mountain Hardwear's Ghost Whisperer down jackets are legendary

The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Collection (Amazon / Mountain Hardwear) is in a league of its own.

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  Preview Thumbnail
New Year, New She: The equipment you need to start trail running

& # 39; tis the season for holiday cooing gravel, Eggnog and plenty of food. Despite gluttony …

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Hey, you aspiring streetstyle star, listen: These Nike Benassi JDI Slides are available at Zappos for $ 20 and you need them for Spring You Got It Memo missed, the slides are cool now. How should I know? Because they sell (for more money) in places like ASOS and are sold out at Urban Outfitters – where the coolest kids shop. So, whether you finally bounce on this normcore fashion car or just do not tie shoes, buy those slides, damn it. Let your toes breathe.

Better weather means catching up on your outdoor fitness goals, and for PUMA that means catching you up. The brand for sportswear draws 20% off the sale of items for men and women. This means that trendy sneakers and apparel are much less than usual for training and beyond. So use promo code SALE20 to prepare for a new season.

Warehouse Sale Event for Men and Women | Joe's New Balance Outlet
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

This weekend, you'll step up your sneaker game with Joe's New Balance Outlet. The retailer currently offers up to 70% off shoes and clothing for men and women with its warehouse sale event. But do not be put off by these great prizes as you only have time until Monday to pick the styles that suit you.

That's no luck: the bohemian-cool retailer Lucky Brand offers a lot on time for the happiest holiday, St. Patrick's Day: Men's and women's clothing, including sales, is thanks to the brand's Friends & Family event 40% cheaper. Use this blowout to complement your range of good jeans, vintage T-shirts and many spring styles. Do not press your luck by waiting too long. This sale will not last long.

Indochino is known for its bespoke suits, but it also makes chinos and shirts that you can order. With promo code KINJA19 you get today only 139 US dollars each. 19659229] Miniatur Miniatur Miniatur Miniatur nail des nail des thumbnail “/>

Indochino customizable

You have chosen Indochino as your favorite apparel company, and it's easy to see.

Read more [19456563] Read more

Screenshot: Indochino

If you've never bought anything at Indochino, it's not like buying off-the-peg clothing. You can customize everything . For the shirts you can choose your collar style, your lining, your length (stuck vs unblocked) and more. For the chinos you can choose different folding styles, different color buttons and three different hem types, just for starters. There are a plethora of colors and patterns, both professional and fun, so pick one, make adjustments, and use promo code KINJA19 at checkout.

The dreaded process of buying lingerie is actually not that bad. You hit journal. Their stuff is known to be well done, including size and actually attractive. At the moment you can buy over 100 nice pieces for 80% off – yes, you read that right – thanks to Spring Sample Sale of the brand. Discounted bras, underwear, PJs, bodysuits and even swimwear are included in the promotion. In addition, for each bra purchased through the deal, Journall will provide a bra to Free the Girls, the brand's non-profit partner dedicated to empowering human survivors. Human trafficking in developing countries. So shop now and feel really good about your new foundations.

10K Amazon Coins | $ 61 | Amazon | Use code C6OEWZCMMP
Screenshot: Tercius Bufete

You can currently pick up 10,000 Amazon coins for only $ 61. That's a big deal, even if you're more on iOS or Android.

Let me explain this: If you have a game like Hearthstone or a Gacha game with in-app purchases or an account that can be distributed to different people With these devices, you can go to the Amazon version of the app Make purchases and switch back to iOS or Android. (I'm sure we all have a fire tray sitting somewhere nearby? They were $ 20 at a time.)

It's a bit of a job, but if you have those annoying things that keep your money going to claim, I believe. Called children, that's a must.

The Commodore 64 Mini came out late last year, and although it did not fly off the shelves like a N64 Classic (please Nintendo, please!), It could be today's $ 40 deal was terribly tempting.

 Vorschau des Artikels thumbnail
Ich werde diesen Miniatur-Commodore 64 jeden Tag über einen winzigen SNES nehmen

Im Gegensatz zu vielen meiner Freunde war meine erste Videospielkonsole nicht die ursprüngliche NES . Es war ein Commodore…

Lesen Sie mehr Lesen

Das Modell C64 Mini in halber Größe umfasst 64 Spiele an Bord, aber entscheidend ist, dass Sie auch eigene Spiele hinzufügen können.

If you Am Black Friday gab es nicht genug Jahre für 40 US-Dollar. Der heutige 45-Dollar-Deal für PlayStation Plus ist das Beste, was Sie außerhalb der Weihnachtsgeschäftssaison erwarten können. Wenn Sie eine PlayStation 4 besitzen oder planen, bald eine zu kaufen, ist die einzige Frage, wie viele Sie kaufen sollten, und nicht, ob Sie sie kaufen sollten.

Wenn Sie auf dem Markt für ein solides Mittelklasse-Gaming-Headset mit kleinem Budget sind Logitech G430 ist heute auf 30 Dollar gefallen, der beste Preis, den wir je gesehen haben.

Das G430 funktioniert mit PS4s und PCs und sein 7.1-Surround-Sound macht einen großen Unterschied in Spielen wie Fortnite und PUBG, weil sie das zulassen Sie hören, aus welcher Richtung Menschen kommen, während Sie sich in einer Badewanne verstecken.

beste Lautsprecher da draußen, und Sie können ein Paar betriebene R-15PM-Monitore für nur 282 $ mit Promo-Code MC93LRPF erwerben. Da sie mit Strom versorgt werden, benötigen sie keinen separaten Verstärker, so dass sie einen schönen Mittelweg zwischen traditionellen Heimkino-Lautsprechern und einer Soundbar bilden.

Wenn Sie vor dem Kauf mehr über sie erfahren möchten, hat CNET eine ziemlich umfassende Bewertung.

Der neue Echo Dot von Amazon ist funktionell das gleiche wie das alte – es ist im Grunde eine billige Methode, um Alexa in jedem Raum unterzubringen -, aber der Lautsprecher ist besser und es sieht aus, als würden Sie sich nicht unbedingt hinter einer Pflanze verstecken. Normalerweise bläst der Marktplatz von Daily Steals $ 50 für $ 30 aus.

Es gibt viele Packwürfel , aber die Specter-Würfel von Eagle Creek gehören zu den besten, und Sie können sich drei davon für heute $ 29 holen, den besten Preis, den Amazon seit über einem Jahr verzeichnet hat.

 Vorschau des Artikels thumbnail
Eagle Creek verkaufte mich auf Packwürfel [19659016TrotzeinesJahrzehntsvonLifehacker-ArtikelnhabenZehntausendeKäufevonKinjaDealsLesern…

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Aus unserem Testbericht über The Inventory:

Ultralight, wasserdicht, transluzent, Die Spectre-Linie ist abwaschbar und verfügt über einen durchgehenden Reißverschluss sowie Griffe. Sie ist einfach zu verpacken, einfach zu bedienen und belastet Sie nicht.

Auch wenn sie nicht dem klassischen Aussehen unserer Lieblingskochmesser entsprechen, ist dieses Cuisinart-Messerset alles andere als langweilig (oder?). You can purchase the entire collection today for just $ 15, one of the best prices we've ever seen.

Lassen Sie sich nicht von den Farben täuschen, denn diese Messer sind aus rostfreiem Edelstahl und extrem scharf. Das Set hat einen Durchschnitt von 4,6 Sternen auf fast 4.000 Testberichten, und obwohl die Farben möglicherweise nicht wie Ihr Ding erscheinen, helfen sie Ihnen dabei, die Verunreinigungen während des Gebrauchs zu verfolgen und zu vermeiden.

Von Brummköchern und Brülern bis hin zu Trinkgläsern und Campbechern: Miir macht einige unserer Lieblingsgetränke, egal ob Sie es ins Backcountry transportieren oder Nippen davon zu Hause.

 Vorschau des Artikels Vorschaubild
Gießen Sie Ihre anderen Brummstöcke aus und kaufen Sie die MiiR&#39;s

Der MiiR, Hersteller unserer Lieblingscupcups, hat vor einiger Zeit einen verdammt guten Brummkopf gemacht. Nun haben sie perfektioniert…

Lesen Sie mehr Lesen Sie

 Vorschau des Vorschaubilds
MiiR Reinvented The Camp Cup

Sie kennen MiiR vielleicht für ihre Fahrräder und Taschen, aber sie gehören auch zu unseren Lieblings-Trinkgefäß…

Lesen Sie mehr Lesen Sie

Heute sind die meisten ihrer Waren (außer der Weinausrüstung) bei Amazon etwa 25% niedriger als ihre regulären Preise (in einigen Fällen variieren die Preise etwas nach Farbe.) ) und unsere Leser können mit dem Promo-Code 10Kinjadeal 10% auf alles sparen, was sie verkaufen. We will toast to it. Ein paar Favoriten sind unten (zusammen mit den Deal-Preisen), aber Sie können auch einfach zu Miirs Amazon-Storefront hinübergehen und von dort aus stöbern.

$ 15

Von amazon Verwenden Sie den Code 10Kinjadeal

  GMG kann eine Provision erhalten </span></p>
<div class= 20 $

Von amazon Verwenden Sie den Code 10Kinjadeal

20 $

Von amazon Verwenden Sie den Code 10Kinjadeal

GMG kann eine Kommission erhalten.

Bonus : Nicht verpassen Auf die Limited-Edition-Designs aufmerksam, die großartige Kunstwerke und kräftige Farben bieten.

Seit Wochen sprengt Backcountry sein Lager, um sich auf ein neues Meer vorzubereiten on, and now, Patagonia is getting in on the deals. At Backcountry, you can get up to 65% off a range of Patagonia gear – from jumpers and jackets to hats, bags and other accessories. Though the weather is currently turning warmer, you’ll surely use any of this stuff for winters to come.

A well-fitted suit is something everyone should have in their closet, but it’s hard to justify dropping a bunch of money on something you’ll barely wear. The entire biannual Perry Ellis Suit Sale. With a wide selection of styles, colors and cuts, this sale will make you look sharp without damaging the bench. The sale also includes accessories such as $ 45 dress shoes, $ 15 ties, 2-for-60 shirts, and more. So dapper!

Butter London is best known for quality nail polish made from clean ingredients, but the brand actually makes a wide range of cosmetics to glam up eyes, lips, and faces. And right now, you can add Butter to your makeup collection for less, thanks to their 30% off sitewide sale. Use promo code BUTTER30 to score tons of discounted polish and nail treatments, and maybe some super shimmery Eye Gloss, if you’re looking to expand your Butter horizons.

Stuart Weitzman makes famously reliable, trendy shoes that are well worth their typically high price tag, but today, the brand’s boots, heels, flats, sandals, and sneakers are marked down significantly at Nordstrom Rack. Benefit from hundreds of dollars for a new pair and enter the new season with a few chic new shoes.

Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche line is a bonafide cult favorite, and right now, the brand’s Liquified Lipstick, normally $24, is on sale for just $12. Available in 29 shades, this liquid lipstick delivers in terms of pigment and moisture — unlike other liquid formulas that start off smooth before drying like shrink wrap on your lips. The Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick instead leaves behind a satiny finish, thanks to an ultra hydrating combo of monoi butter and coconut oil. Snag your must-have shades before this sale kisses us all goodbye.

Quit wasting time trying to disguise your dark circles and/or under-eye puffiness with concealer, especially if you don’t even have enough free hours to get a full night’s sleep. Instead, attack the issue itself. Baebody’s Eye Gel has garnered enough Amazon reviews (over 14,000!) to be considered a cult favorite, and now it’s available for just $21 after clipping a $3 coupon. The gel is formulated with peptide complex, Matrixyl 3000, vitamin E, jojoba oil, amino acids, and other effective ingredients that claim to help tackle most under-eye woes. That’s not something to roll your eyes at.

Klymit is the biggest name in inflatable sleeping pads, and the company’s Inertia model takes minimalism to its logical endpoint. While the gaps between air pockets mean it won’t be as comfortable as, say, Klymit’s Static V, the design allows it to weigh only 9.1 ounces, and pack up as small as a soda can. And it’ll still be a whole lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, which is what really matters.

Today’s $30 price tag is an all-time low, and about $10-$40 less than usual, so you’ll have more money to spend on your other camping supplies.

Azure Cosmetics Sheet Masks | $6-$8 | Amazon | Promo code AZKINJA47
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

It’s always nice to have a sheet mask on hand in case of a dire need for hydration arises. So why not stock up on packs of five from Azure Cosmetics for only $6 to $8. That amounts to just over $1 per masks, which is a completely acceptable price for a single-use product. Use promo code AZKINJA47and choose from fun, luxe options like Gold & Caviar, 24K Gold, Charcoal and Pearl, Collagen Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Pearl, Rose Gold, and Unicorn (aka glitter).

Want $3 to spend on Amazon for free? Just visit this page, click the “Borrow Your First Book” button to jump to Amazon’s Prime Reading library, then pick any book or magazine to add to your library. They’re all free, and once you “borrow” one, you’ll receive an email confirming that a $3 Amazon credit has been added to your account within 24-48 hours. Easy peasy.

Installing LED strip lights above your kitchen cabinets or under furniture is the easiest way to make your houseguests say “whoa,” and this $30 strip (with promo code 3IXPDYWY) is one of the best deals we’ve seen on one. With full RGB LEDs and support for Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant, you can easily add it to your existing smart home lighting scenes, and invoke it with the voice assistant of your choice.

The only potential downside? It’s only two meters long, and can’t be extended (though it can be trimmed to length), so it’d be an ideal HDTV bias light, or could be mounted under fairly small pieces of furniture, but you won’t be able to run it across an entire room.

Extend the life of the unused portion of your fruits and veggies in these $7 silicone Food Huggers, and then rinse and repeat, reusing them over and over again. Sure, you could use plastic wrap to achieve the same thing, but you can’t always untangle plastic wrap to reuse a second time, and also, do you hate the Earth?

The Food Huggers come in four sizes, and can also be used as jar lids, small ramekins, or jewelry holders. Today’s price is less than a dollar away from its all-time low, so squeeze in this deal before it’s gone.

Full color Philips Hue bulb deals under $40 are rare. Deals that apply to both standard and recessed bulbs? Noch seltener. Today, you can get as many as you want of both shapes for just $36, which is about as low as they ever get outside of Black Friday.

It’s almost spring, so get outside! And while you’re at it, stock up on tons of apparel and gear from Eddie Bauer’s Spring Sale, where select items for men and women are up to 50% off right now. Not to mention, the site’s entire clearance section is an extra 40% off with promo code SPRING40. Plenty of shirts, shorts, hats, shoes, and much more are up for grabs, so you can find anything you might need to enjoy the nice weather in style.

ThermoWorks’ ThermoPop is the less expensive and ever-so-slightly slower little brother of our readers’ favorite meat thermometer, and the company is offering a rare chance to get one for free today with any $100 order.

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Your Pick For Best Meat Thermometer: Thermapen

Thermoworks’ iconic Thermapen smoked (and also baked, sautéed, braised, and seared) the competition …

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This deal is only valid on the green ThermoPop for St. Patrick’s Day, but you can mix and match any of ThermoWorks’ products to hit the threshold. A Thermapen and a trivet? A Smoke and a spoonula? A BlueDOT and a DOT? The easiest combination would probably be to just buy three other ThermoPops to get the fourth for free. You could stash the others in a closet to give away as gifts for various occasions throughout the year.

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ThermoWorks&#39; BlueDOT Pings Your Phone When Dinner&#39;s Done

ThermoWorks, maker of our readers’ favorite meat thermometer, finally married smart functionality…

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Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, and if you need more than one pair — or a man, woman, or child in your life needs a pair, too — this deal is for you. Right now at Levi’s Friends & Family Event, you can get 30% off your order, plus free shipping, with code LETSGOhence why it’s a good time to stock up. The promo applies to regular-priced and sale styles for men, women, and kids, so truly everyone can dive into some new, discounted denim.

The most coveted brands are also often the most expensive, but now at Backcountry, you can take an additional 20% off select apparel and gear from the big brands you know and love, including Patagonia, The North Face, Marmot, Sorel, and more. In case you’ve been off on some isolated peak somewhere, Backcountry’s also running its Semi-Annual Sale, so that’s a really good deal on top of a deal. The added discount will be automatically applied to eligible items in your cart, so go ahead and check out so you can get outside and use your new stuff.

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of options, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store. It’s a solid deal any time, but it’s even better for our readers right now.

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The Robots Are Taking Over (Your Wine Purchases)!

Note: If you want to snag this service for yourself, use promo code Kinja to waive the $5 shipping…

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Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with six bottles of wine for just $40 with free shipping, and every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. But if you use this link and promo code Kinja when you sign up, you’ll get FREE shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month. At the very least, you should get the trial box for less than $7 per bottle. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from anxiety, or having trouble sleeping because you’re suffering from anxiety, Sunday Scaries CBD gummies could help. Jolie Kerr shared her thoughts on them for The Inventory, and now, our readers can save 15% for the always-stressful holiday season with promo code kinja15.

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Do Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Live Up To the Hype?

My first encounter with CBD was in its oil form. I was heading to Palm Springs with my dog nephew,…

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That applies to the regular gummies, the vegan versions, and the pure CBD tincture, with extra savings available if you buy in bulk, so your wallet can rest as easy as you will.

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