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Martin Shkreli asks for three months' vacation in prison, supposedly to support the fight against the corona virus

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Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical manager and potential goblin-kobold hybrid best known for acquiring the rights to the HIV drug daraprim and increasing the price for it before spending seven years in one Cell for securities fraud scores, tries to get out of prison with the claim that it could be useful in the fight against the novel corona virus.

Per Stat Shkreli applied for a three-month vacation and claims that his experience in the pharmaceutical industry enables him to search for . Treatments for Covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In a science paper written with two business partners and two "citizen scientists", Shkreli claimed to be one of the few pharma managers able to monitor "ALL aspects" of drug development:

As a successful two Biopharma entrepreneur bought several companies, invented several new drug candidates, submitted numerous INDs and clinical trial applications. I am one of the few executives who have experience in ALL aspects of drug development, from creating molecules to generating hypotheses to preclinical evaluations and evidence of clinical studies / demonstration of target engagement. and manufacturing / synthesis and global logistics and drug use.

Shkreli further claimed that he was not paid to participate in the paper and denied that he believed that the developers of a Covid-19 treatment should try to make a profit from it. According to Stat, the paper itself is said to have used software technology to reduce over 100,000 possible treatments for the virus to just nine, although medical chemist Derek Lowe told the website that it was “not insane, but not particularly groundbreaking, at least for my eyes . "

" … We are not founding another Manhattan project and are not looking for another Robert Oppenheimer, "Lowe said to Stat. "But after the tone of his comments, I'm not sure if he recognizes any of these points."

Shkreli is currently serving in USP Allenwood, a state with maximum security in Pennsylvania, after he was convicted of fraud for ripping investors off two hedge funds and lying about one of his companies to raise the stock price. (The indictment did not refer to his decision to raise the price of Daraprim by 5,000 percent.) The Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal on the case.

During his time in prison, Shkreli was reportedly held in solitary confinement for trying to a company called Pheonixus AG (renaming his old company Turing Pharmaceuticals) from his prison cell to control. The last time he was in the news earlier this year the Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney General sued Phoenixus subsidiary Vyera Pharmaceuticals and their co-owners Shkreli and Kevin Mulleady for alleged "sophisticated and anti-competitive scheme" to increase the price of daraprim. According to the lawsuit, Vyera and his executives tried to prevent competitors from producing a generic equivalent of the drug by denying them access to samples and ingredients. Shkreli denies any wrongdoing.

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