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Marvel’s Avengers Patch fixes more than 1,000 problems

The first big patch for Marvel’s Avenger Since launching on September 4th, more than 1,000 issues that players have identified have been fixed.

According to Crystal Dynamics, patch v1.3.0 fixes bugs in the campaign and multiplayer mode of the game as well as problems with animation, user interface, combat and rewards. The developer has also started a thread on Reddit where players can report bugs with the patch to make it easier to keep track of any issues players have encountered.

In a separate thread on Reddit, Crystal Dynamics lists all known issues and workarounds Marvel̵

7;s Avengerwhat can help players who are having problems with the game.

According to the patch notes, the focus of the update was on fixing bugs. However, upcoming short-term patches include quality of life adjustments and features that depend on player feedback.

Digital Trends asked Crystal Dynamics for more information on the developer’s short-term focus Marvel’s Avenger Patches, and we’ll update this article as soon as we hear back.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta attracts millions

Marvel’s AvengerThe rocky start follows a beta test that attracted more than 6 million players. This allowed the publisher Square Enix to collect data for planned corrections to the game. Players spent a total of more than 27 million hours in the beta, including over 300 million opponents defeated and 200 million Hulk smashed.

With Crystal Dynamics’ diligence in fixing and resolving issues, players should expect even more patches to improve overall performance Marvel’s Avenger Experience.

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