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Massive floods follow in the wake of bomb cyclones, with floods in Nebraska perhaps the worst in 50 years

A pickup truck was washed away from flooding waters on March 1
5, 2019 in Norfolk, Nebraska.
Photo: Nati Harnik (AP)

After the "bomb cyclone" rammed into the river, historic floods occurred The US reported in the center of the US this week, and USA Today reported Nebraska has experienced the worst floods of half a century. According to CNN, the flood has continued in parts of Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.

A bomb cyclone occurs when – as was the case last week – when a storm began to form in the southwest, pressure in the central US states dropped sharply. A short period of time, a phenomenon that is called "explosive bombogenesis". It rarely happens that one happens in the interior of the US, and this week's storm has caused severe weather in a huge part of the country.

The Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts distinguished himself The situation on Friday as "historical flooding and extreme weather in almost all regions of the state." Nebraska flood teams have been rescuing stranded civilians since Thursday, CNN wrote.

CNN added adding that a man of the state, Columbus farmer James Wilke, had received an emergency call, his tractor went on and died when a bridge collapsed:

According to the CNN partner KMTV, a close friend of the family has about his last moments posted on social media.

"It's no surprise to someone who knew James when he got the phone call for emergency responders … his answers would be" yes ", wrote Jodi L. Hefti on Facebook.

"With the guidance of emergency helpers, James drove his tractor across the Shell Creek Bridge on Monestary Road and the bridge gave out, James and the tractor went down into the floodwaters."

About 15 members of a Platte Valley rescue team, the assisted residents around King Lake, were stranded until the troops of the Nebraska National Guard rescued them with a Black Hawk helicopter State of Nebraska has been washed out or damaged, wrote USA Today.

A total of 41 decadence declarations came into force in 41 cities and 53 out of Nebraska's 93 counties, with two more missing and around 900 seeking refuge in makeshift shelters.

While flood warnings and warnings on Saturday in "Parts of the East remained Nebraska, Iowa and South Wisconsin, "says the National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center. The worst is over, except in areas adjacent to the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their tributaries. "Numerous locations" in these regions are expected to continue to cause historic flooding by the beginning of next week, as heavy rains fell on frozen ground early in the week and a deep snowpack led to heavy and rapid melting, "the center wrote

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