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Mediatonics’ plan to ban Case Guys scammers to a scam-only queue has failed

Fall guysLike almost every high-traffic competitive game on PC, it has caught the attention of scammers. And while developer Mediatonic has included safeguards against cheats in the game from day one, the actual punishment of the players marked as shameful has had its ups and downs.

One of the problems with fighting fraudsters, as Mediatonic points out, is that the more transparent you are about your fraud prevention and policies, the easier it is for fraudsters to find ways to circumvent these precautions. As described in a recent Twitter thread, this can lead to unusual ideas and situations.

The Fall guys The team shared the story of what was affectionately referred to as Cheater Island in this thread, going through how cheaters were gradually tagged and put on a separate matchmaking queue, only allowed to play with other cheaters and eventually banned, as Mediatonic noted that online videos from Cheater Island were likely to give the game a bad rap.

Because at least 40 players are required to actually start a game of Fall guysThose who lined up for Cheater Island were stuck in a loading screen with their character forever plunging through the air. Mediatonic notes were often referred to as errors by people who didn̵

7;t realize they had been caught with cheats.

Once enough cheaters were trapped on the web, they could finally be loaded into a match that was exclusively occupied by other cheaters. While Mediatonic was weird and effective at isolating players who broke the game, it was quick to spot an unintended side effect of Cheater Island’s secret existence.

“Last week … something exciting happened,” the development team explains. “There were finally enough cheaters to actually make matchmaking and create Cheater Island matches!” But here’s a new problem … People have uploaded videos that we think are * Cheater Island … “

But for both Mediatonic and its player base, videos of Cheater Island games are indistinguishable from legitimate games. For those who come across Cheater Island videos online, this is only possible Fall guys has a widespread cheating problem to the point that entire games are filled with cheaters rather than the reality that these videos depict players exiled for their past behavior.

“We know there were Cheater Island matches going on. We just don’t know if this is shown in these videos. That’s why we closed Cheater Island. Instead, scammers can’t log in now,” the thread continues.

There’s a more detailed breakdown of the story in the full Twitter thread, but the one Fall guys The team says that after discovering they entered an “arms race” with cheat makers, they have now teamed up with Epic Games to take advantage of the company’s anti-cheat system.

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